Testimonial Thank You Notes….

Dia duit bhean Lydia,
Tá súil agam go bhfuil tú go maith?!! (Bit of Gaeilge for you!! Hello lady Lydia, I hope you are well!)
What’s the craic?! Blessings and love to you from the Emerald Isle!! I’m so sorry I’m only getting to reply to you now. With the time difference, it was 5.10am here when I woke and saw your mail, so although I was half asleep with one eye open, I watched the reading and was nearly late for work!! The reading as I suspected was UNBELIEVEABLE!! And I’ve only got to watch it that one time, nearly 12 hours ago! (We are waiting till our monster goes to bed and we are going to sit down and both watch it properly! My husband is dying to watch it too!! (He’s allowed as its all good!! Haa haa haa !!!)
 So that’s why I asked…. and if I was going to ask anyone, it was going to be you!! As I knew, you wouldn’t and couldn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear!
I really cant thank you enough, for all of it. I’m just bursting to watch it properly and take it all in. And I had only said last week there’s one more deck I have seen I would like, Magical Times, which you used!! And it was the one with the picture of wolves!! I’m all about my Native Americans and Spirit Animals, so I just loved that the deck and the card you pulled for me! Its a sign for me!! And we only made a tepee last week for my meditation room!  (I know they are probably for kids, but that’s us!!!) But I just loved that!!! 🙂
Thank you so much again, if there are any testimonials I can do for you, please let me know. I would be honoured.
All my love, light and shamrocks!! xxxx
A.M.,  Ireland




Hi love!
Thanks for my reading it as amazing!  I mean seriously, the reading was sooo good ! Make’s me more happy!!! lol 
Thanks again for taking the time out of your day to do my reading. ! XOXOXOXO

TM, Califormia



Every time I get a reading from you, I get goosebumps, my body becomes all tingly, it’s infallible, lol! Awww I love love the reading, thank you so much! So encouraging and so supportive of my plans. I needed to have a 3 of Fire to show me I am surrounded by love and support from the universe, that my work and patience is not in vain. With the 6 of cups, you hit it right on the nail. I do think about the past a lot. When I moved in nature, I left a job in Montreal where I was very loved, had a really great salary and benefits. I know why I made those decisions, but it’s been incredibly hard to transition. I followed my intuition with this, but sometimes emotions arise and I get sad. Wow, wow, the Share your Wisdom card, what a gift, as you did, I immediately knew what it meant, it felt very powerful indeed to see this card. The Oracle cards, haha, oh wow! It’s so funny because I had the life purpose deck and I kept getting this card and would not understand. I had many decks and gave them all away with the intent of relying solely on stillness and not cards, unless from readings with you ; ) I will think about the possibilities of working with them again. The health card.. I’ve been procrastinating on ordering supplements, well I just ordered them, haha! I’m very healthy and I’ve never ate healthier in my life, effortlessly, mostly raw vegan, but the thing is.. I don’t eat enough…, I usually have only two meals a day. I sometimes wonder if that could cause a problem someday, well I got my answer, I take this as advice from my guides, like we kept you healthy this far, but don’t continue like this. I’m eating dates as I write right now, lol! Also, such a beautiful reminder that as you said I need to make my overall wellbeing my priority you always remind me of that. You are such an angel in my life, thank you for all your precious advices and big love!!! How blessed am I to have you as a friend and a guide, you are filled with wisdom , thank you for being you my soul-sis I love you so beautiful Lydia!  Thank you so much, you are so accurate, so I trust your feeling! -C. from Canada




Wow!! I have a big smile right now. This reading is so powerful, so accurate, you have no idea. Wow!
First I want to tell you, you are so full of love. I feel so much vibration from you, you are so giving in what you do, a reading from you is definitely a beautiful gift to me, I definitely will request more here and there. I love your word choices and the giggles, you are so so so beautiful, in so many ways. I can see how you were guided to guide me and make me feel loved and supported by another woman, the universe and my angels.

This is unbelievable.. here’s my situation… (deleted)

Then I saw the card Worth waiting for…(deleted) . and the Three of Chances and you saw babies.. Wow!!! Also, my head has been telling me… that maybe I should really move on but my heart..(deleted) . oh my heart loves …(deleted) ….and the card Let your heart decide shows up.. wow! So there you have it. I’m sure you can put it all together and see how your reading is very, very right on point. And the first card was the most potent one, even though each one were… receiving is my number issue…I’m working everyday on releasing.. alchemizing the blocks to love… This reading was all me, completely me.

I am so grateful, thank you so much beautiful Lydia, you are truly doing what you’re supposed to do, you are powerful and definitely divinely guided.

Much love and light and abundant blessings right back at you, thank you!
Namaste ~ C.C.


Hi Lydia, what a beautiful reading!!! You were right on target when you said I needed to have faith and. trust. I do tend to question myself a lot. Thanks for helping me put things into perspective. I will definitely work on my chakras. Thanks!~Jackie, New Jersey


 Oh my goodness! The reading was So spot on  of course you validated the messages I have been receiving intuitively. I loved the reading! Thank you so much, this meant a lot to me. You are absolutely wonderful and loving. With Love and Light  Namaste’~Jenn, NYC


Hi Lovely Lydia,
First, I LOVED my reading:)♥♥!!  I really liked your elaboration on the cards, especially the added information about the frog particularly, reason being that I live in Southern Florida where there are lots of frogs around.  I have a white car and last week as I was loading groceries in my car there was a white tree frog(I think they change colors for camouflage purposes) Well, I took the end of my car key and nudged him/her over away from the door so he/she was not trapped in my car.  I loaded groceries and shut the door, guess what the frog did?  He/she moved and slid into the crack of my door!! haha When I arrived home the frog was still sitting within the door of my car, very strange occurrence for me so I just want to say thank you for adding that information 🙂  One other thing, I am a Virgo, I analyze, analyze, analyze romantic partners from day one and I am in a current relationship so I really enjoyed this guidance today.

I am interested in getting a reading in the future that is more interactive, I do not know how to do google chat or what not, however I am very interested in getting a reading with those ‘keys’ you speak of on your website (do not know which readings have those but I want one).

Thank you for providing guidance for me in my romantic life, I will be in touch, Blessings to you and your family this Holiday Season, Namaste,
Nicole,  Florida


Thank you Lydia!!

The messages from the Love & Romance reading really resonated with me and I found them so helpful and on point.

Thanks again, take care.
-Sofia A.,  DF, Mexico


Thank you sosososo much!
I loved the Divine Guidance Reading.
It resonated with me so well!!! -Samantha C.,  Boston, MA


Lydia my Life Path reading was amazing! The transition card is right where I am right now because I may be moving soon, I just don’t know where to yet. The lady looking up at the stars just blew me away, because I have been saying outloud to myself for months now ” I am one with the universe,” and feel such a connection when I do. Looking at all those gorgeous cards with the big, beautiful bright circles of sun on them, the justice and triumph cards and how positive, supportive and uplifting they were just brought me to tears. And the angel of protection was just incredible.  I really loved the reading, thank you so much. You’ll be hearing back from me soon to order the karmic, love and romance reading from you next and I can’t wait!

Much love, peace and blessings,
-Tina F., Oregon


 Lydia, once again anothe accurate reading, Lydia, it’s unbelievable how accurate the love and romance reading was!  The first card you held up represented me leaving a relationship that I am finally ready to let go of but my partner is not. I was totally amazed when you pulled that card!!  As you put up more cards, they revealed that I need to stop being negative and fearful which was hard for me for a while. I loved the neat looking wheel of fortune card too because even though its uncertain, its fortunate and thats a good thing. And when it came to the water cards which I love so much, they reigned true because I long for things in my life to go in a more positive direction and they finally are after a long time in the wilderness. There were also several ‘falling in love’ cards which I absolutely loved!! How nice to hear that someone may be coming that is nurturing and loving. The one with the lady being poked by Cupid was funny and cute! Seems like I might be falling for someone soon. Lastly, I liked seeing ‘love yourself’ come out of the tarot cards because I’ve been taking better care of myself lately and have been staying as positive as possible, which has made a huge difference in how I feel. Thank you so much for this reading,  I was speechless…You are amazingly talented at tarot reading and are a blessing to all your followers. And now on to the karmic reading!!

Namaste and hotep,
Tina F.


Lydia, your guidance has proven invaluable to my life path and career.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  -M. Scott,  Australia




A million thank yous for your guidance in my time of need and shinning your light for me to find my own inner light.   I trusted, I let go and I’ve finally been rewarded for my patience.  MY soul-mate appeared just as you foretold.  You’re just amazing.  -Patricia G., UK



Thank you so much.  I appreciate the time you took to do such an indepth hour-long Karmic reading for me. I am truly touched and truly blessed by your divine guidance.  I can only hope and pray I can release my Karmic  blocks.  You’ve helped me see that I can step into the beautiful life I know is awaiting me. 

With much love,

-Toni, Wisconsin

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