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Star of Divine Grand Sextile in the The Year of The Black Water Snake

Like everyone else I’ve also been intrigued by this Star Of David planetary configuration.

The last 12 hours have been a bit nerve racking for me because I’ve never recorded this type of video, but although I was not in my comfort zone, I felt that the information was somehow necessary, perhaps just for myself, but from what my guidance is telling me it seems it will be helpful to some of you as well.

For all intents and purposes of recording a video message I found it best to take apart each section of both Grand Trines, and study them using my astrology books and back those up (if you will), with the intuitive guidance I channel while interpreting Tarot and Oracle Readings.

I also meditated and received a short message from source which I posted at the end.

I hope this brings some clarity and comfort to anyone who is feeling these energies too intensely right now.


july 29-13- 12 pm


The Star of David,Tetra-what?
The Star of David of 2013 is made up of two Grand Trines; the first is a Grand Water Trine and the second is a Grand Earth Trine. These Grand Trines overlap like two triangles, one facing up and the other facing down, to form what is called a Grand Sextile aka Star of David which is a six- pointed Tetrahedron-like planetary configuration which is a very rare astrological occurrence with roots in Jewish mysticism.

Hence, much speculation has been garnered on what significance, if any, this energy will have on our current lives on our planet.

The Grand Water Trine has within its soupy essence: Jupiter in Cancer (expansive emotions), Neptune in Pisces (ideals, dreams, mysticism, duality) and Saturn in Scorpio (restriction, karmic lessons, taskmaster, deep, dark, secretive, murkiness). All water signs are Yin/Feminine energy (Mother) which I have been shown as opening, perhaps old wounds within the self and the collective consciousness.

Today, The Grand Earth Trine, which is the second part needed to form the tetrahedron shape moved into place to form the 6-pointed Star of David. This Grand Earth Trine boasts: Pluto in Capricorn (power issues, wisdom, constricting, wisdom, patience), Moon in Taurus [where it is exalted (emotional, bullish energy, covetous) and Venus in Virgo (beauty, love, wealth (diminished), hyper analytical, grounded, density). All Earth signs are also Yin, but  where normally Earth helps to stabilize the water, here the energy only becomes heavy, almost like mud.

All week my guidance kept showing me mud. It wasn’t until last night that I realized its significance. This state may be unstable for building any firm foundation, but the mud is actually cleansing and can also act like modeling clay.

When we are faced with our wounds, or deeply buried hurts (and we will!!!) those wounds will pour out via the Watery mother Trine and become manifest once the Male Earth energy (father) settles within by making it possible for us to bring them into form.

Herein is the opportunity to make a new model for ourselves. A new paradigm. Thus, something(s) will be birthed as a consequence.*
*Moreover, because there is also a “Finger of God” aspect in this astrology which is pointing to the Sun (son) this can lend itself to a more mystical meaning such as a birth of a Jewish Messiah, or the second arrival of the Christ Consciousness in human form.

Meanwhile, all this heavy cosmic activity is taking place within the setting of this year’s Chinese Horoscope Sign of the Black Water Snake, who heralded 2013 as a year of instability and unexpected changes, although also some minor gains.

I find it amazing how accurate both systems have been and how on this very year filled with markers of destiny, we can make the connections that bridge all into one.

I wish you all Love, light and Cosmic blessings,

Channeled message from Source:
“Dear ones, the hurt and rawness you will feel is also your salvation. You are not alone. Celestial help is waiting to assist. Have the courage to acknowledge how deeply and utterly you have been hurt, or even devastated, but choose LOVE ANYWAY. LOVE regardless. Love yourself and forgive yourself completely and wholly. Self-forgiveness is your KEY to healing yourself and all of humanity. The Energetic Grid must be fed by all and so you and Every person is important. No one gets left behind. Remember that we are ALL of Source, thus we are ALL ONE. As you heal and forgive Self, you heal and forgive ALL. There is no difference, nor separation. See the Self in Higher aspects so that you may be lifted into love-light vibration. That is what you are: LOVE.”