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September 2016

Hello again Divine souls!

Welcome to September 2016 …Hope you are ready!

As you may, or may not know, every January I pull Major Arcana Tarot cards that serve as KEYS for each month of the year.

This month’s card is The SUN.




The SUN Tarot card Makes perfect sense following the Lion’s Gateway, and in anticipation of this month’s forward march into Eclipse Season.


The Sun is numbered 19/1 .

This is the Trump that symbolizes pure joy, enlightenment,





and feelings of achievement.

The Sun is about centering into a child-like wonder that is about YOU

and you alone.

It is about the naked truth.

It can be ego-centric, yes, but its genuine soul-infused purity keeps it from being narcissistic.

This is about self-empowerment, and enjoying life.

The Sun is the birth of your Self;

it is YOUR light shining forth,

through you,

towards everything else.

Its appearance in a tarot spread reminds you of a simple, but powerful truth:

It is all within you.  Always has.  Always will.

This is about staying centered

and aligned to Source.

There is no thinking here!

 –notice an absence of swords in the Connelly Tarot deck rendition–

sun 2

Love the alchemy symbolism!!!

This is life-affirming,



intuitive intelligence here…

which is about sensing and connecting with your DIVINITY.

Your sovereignty,

Your power.




The SUN Tarot card is the state we can achieve by not being distracted with the rabbit holes,

and labyrinths of the World;

or its media,

its politics,

nor its myriad of conspiracies.

The World is OF itself.  Let it be. Be only YOU instead. 

Stay aligned.

Everything is within.

The only truth is your LIGHT.

Your own light is your path,

your journey,

your guidance

and your salvation.

This is your magic,

and how you create your own destiny.

This is not selfish;

this is Self-Awareness…

in the most highly positive,

and DIVINE sense.

The Sun Card IS  the most beneficial card

and blessing we could hope for in order to help us navigate the astro-energetic tidal wave

that will be September 2016.

Every September kicks off our annual autumnal Eclipse season.

This year’s eclipses are tied to the 2016/9 vibrational year, which urges that we compassionately release everything that is no longer serving us

without fear.

The energy has been intensifying since July.

July initiated the need to make major choices.

The August, ‘Lions Gateway’ intensified our need for major change,

and a need to progress,

and tied that all to the collective consciousness.


Yes, but….

This month we are back to working on our personal development,

and aligning deeper into our true path.

Our soul’s intended journey begins for a number of beneficial reasons….


Numer-o-logically, it is a 9 month within a 9 vibrational year.

We are meant to learn how to be self-compassionate,

while mastering our ability to release without the fear that holds us back from embarking on our true soul’s purpose.






The Sun card, (which I pulled back in January!!!)  is our blessing.

It is our advice from Spirit so that we can successfully,

and effectively manage, learn and complete this extremely difficult (collective) life lesson.

The Astrology of September 2016

On September 1st-  (I go back to work in an entirely new setting… lol) We have a Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Virgo. Critically seed your most heartfelt intentions.

This is another opportunity for aligning yourself with the

possibility to make quantum leaps of progress towards new plans,

and future endeavors.

This solar eclipse energy will light up all new areas of potential opportunity!


On September 9th Jupiter & Venus both move into Libra, giving us a joyful lift wherever Libra lives in our birth charts.

Jupiter will stay in Libra until mid-October, 2017!!!

Another September Bonus is that the troublesome Saturn/Neptune square reaches its peak on the 10th,

but after the 10th its energy will begin to dissipate;

gifting us with a greater sense of mobility.

On September 16th there is a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Pisces…

allowing us greater depth,

and insights which will illuminate our path.

Eclipse energies are powerful.

We will be able to see the early signs of how our Virgo New Moon/Solar eclipse intentions have started to become manifest.

Do you like what you co-created?

No worries!

This energy will helps us visualize the next right steps.






Mercury has been retrograding since August 30th,  so its energy will be felt through September 22nd.  

It is another opportunity to revisit and revise our plans and strategies for success.

Also on the 22nd, the Sun enters the sign of Libra -giving us yet another chance to revisit opportunities we may have missed prior to the Lion’s Gateway.

And… on the 26th, the Sun, also aligns with Jupiter in Libra.

This is a sacred  7-day vibration that aligns us directly with source energy.

Perfect day to reflect,

tune in,

do an intense vibe check,

and Channel guidance from Source!!!

On the 31st, the last day of September, there is a phenomenal New Moon on the 8th degree of Libra. Mercury also enters Libra on that same day.

So where is Libra sitting in your birth chart?  ‘Cause it’s gonna to get LIT!

Looking ahead to the energy of October which features the Devil (aka The Materialism card),

with Jupiter…

I can see why there is lots of hope for expansion, building success, money, luck & love…

And with the Devil Card as the October influence…

perhaps we will be experiencing too much of a good thing?

Hmmm …..

Have a beautiful month!

Lydia Elizabeth R @goddessdivinewisdom

© 2016

 September 2016

Astro-Tarot-Numerology Playlist

13 Videos 




July 2016

Welcome to July 2016  

We have a 7 Vibrational Month and the FOOL’S energy to help us navigate the energies of July 2016.




Numerology of 16/ 7: The 7 Vibration



This month is a 16/7 month. The 16/7  represents disruption.  The 7 represents completeness, it is a sacred number which combines the energy of God(3) and Man (4).


 This month’s disruptive energy may come from having to face obstacles, especially those we have attracted to ourselves.

The 16/7 energy will sweep away what is no longer needed, or good for us.

With the 16/7 energy we will come to a realization (illuminated with knowledge). We will become acutely aware of precisely what things, people, situations, or structures have to be abandoned so that our next life upgrade can commence.


This month may bring you closer to the Divine, and/or the the Spirit world, because the 7 is a gateway, or bridging number.  That means that we may experience more connection to GOD-SOURCE energy, as well as, the Angelic realm.  July 2016 has perfect energetic conditions for the expansion of psychic, or intuitive capabilities, so these will likely become much more heightened this month.

Tarot Card : The FOOL



The Fool is the most debated card in the Tarot.  It is numbered Zero/0, and represents unlimited potential.  The field of pure potentiality is accessible to us this month, and we are urged to take empowered action.

THE FOOL is a madman and a maverick.  He is completely guided by Spirit, and he follows his Higher Self to places unperceived by those around him, including his well-intentioned dog.

The FOOL reminds us that it is time to follow the road that leads to our purpose, and what we truly want for ourselves, regardless of what others want for us.  This month will show the way forward so that we may have a clearer view of the new path we now need to travel.  We may be completely unprepared, but such is the nature of this new level.  We are meant to begin the journey towards leaving behind, or dismantling outdated conventions, or rigid obstacles that have, until now, impeded our progress.


For July 2016, The Fool gives us impetus, and reminds us that we are free to make choices.  Carpe Diem! Make the most of the present time. Clearly choose what you truly want and go after it with fervor. Use the power of the NOW moment to create a new reality that is highly tuned to your highest good, and aligned to your soul’s purpose.


July 2016 Soul Coaching Videos




















Have a beautiful month! 

Cosmic Blessings,

Lydia Elizabeth R.

Goddess Divine © 2015 http://www.goddessdivinewisdom.com

June 2016

Happy June 2016


As always, June begins in the Airy sign of Gemini.  June 2016 kicks-off with a Mutable Grand Cross which began in late May.  A Grand Cross is created when 4 planets form difficult squares to one another.

So…..June will probably feel intense!

With all this energy we should begin this month with our awareness squarely focused on the quality of our thoughts, our internal dialogue, and communication. Remember to love yourself from the inside out.  This month will be especially magnetic, so be cognizant of the frequencies you are emitting as these will rapidly shape, form and manifest your reality.




“How you gonna win if you ain’t right within?” ~Lauryn Hill


Fortunately for us all, Gemini’s ruler, Mental Mercury, has finally entered into direct trajectory. Mercury’s forward movement will influence our mental acuity, and help us as we go about deliberately, and intentionally creating newer, much needed, life-sustaining stories within ourselves.

By consciously keeping our internal dialogue loving, joyous, positive, and abundant in feel-good-vibes, we will ensure that we swim in optimal energetic conditions when we welcome the Summer Solstice as we finish the month of June in the watery, emotional realm of Cancer.



June 2016 Numerology



The Numerology vibration of this month features the energy of the Sacred 6 Frequency which is about Harmony & Balance.

As you know, 2016 resonates to a 9 year (2+0+1+6=9), and June is always the sixth month of the year, but this year it actually resonates to the 6 vibrational frequency.



15 / 6 : Seeks to understand all;  unites others to a cause; pulls forces towards one, has a convincing manner; loves truth, order, economy, deep inner knowing, service, responsibility, depth of emotion, love of home and family, and monotony.

Attributes of the 6 Frequency:  Balance; truth, order, service, responsibility, deep emotion, love of home & family.

The number SIX is SACRED.  In fact, we live in a Universe of sound, frequency and vibration.  There are 6 tonal frequencies with which the entire Universe was created.  Ancient Gregorian chants used these 6 sacred  tones to bring  about peace and harmony within their ancient church goers.

These powerful tones were lost for centuries, and rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo as described in the book “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse”, by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.



The tonal frequency of the 6 (LA – 852 Hz) – has the purpose of “Awakening Intuition”.  -Solfeggio Frequencies


The 6 seeks to Balance opposing forces.  It connects above and below, Heaven & Earth , it reconciles, initiates intellectual creativity; seeks union, seeks love, perfection; has the ability to use the imagination and the intellect combined; Is relatable, and takes responsibility for choices (think the LOVERS Tarot Card).

The number 6 symbolizes the principle of nurturing, caring, balance and harmony.  The 6 energy increases our need for stability and a comforting foundation.



June 2016 Tarot Card of the Month

tarot 2



“And it’s whispered that soon, if we all call the tune, then the piper will lead us to reason.” ~ Led Zepellin






judgement 11




 We also have the blessed energy of the Judgment Card which promises beneficial new beginnings in important areas of our lives.




The Judgement Card indicates that for many of us June 2016 will be a month of revelation; of healing, a month for reaping rewards for our past actions; and for reaching conclusions and summing up situations that will guide us in making an important decision.

 Judgement’s Keywords are karma, spiritual awakening, enlightenment, rebirth, revelation, regeneration, resurrection, rewards, new purpose, self-assessment, and progression.

Judgement is ruled by Pluto, also known as, the lord of the underworld & the Moon.  It is associated with Scorpio and Cancer; two sister signs of the Water element, who are also ruled by these planets.


The Judgement card is a high level Two energy which seeks otherness, and often needs to build something. How Judgement shows up in your life will depend on your past actions.    It may mean you must face Judgment of another, or seek forgiveness; it may also mean you need to make a very difficult choice that will feel judgmental to someone else, or that you are being saved in some way.   You may need to exercise clear judgment on an important matter.


The Judgement Card’s cyclical energies herald decisive changes in our lives which will alter the course of our lives, or of others completely, and utterly.  You may feel reborn in health, spiritually, or in purpose.  Judgement signals a time of rebirth, and an increased passion for an inner calling.  Judgement is always a harbinger of new beginnings, but like all beginnings, they are seeded by an ending, or a finality of some sort that you chose, or initiated.   To that end, you may experience an inner-awakening that will not allow you to return to the old way. The old you will be utterly changed.






Goddess Soul Coaching Sessions

June 2016


Remember to watch your Sun Sign, Rising Sign & Moon Sign to get a holistic understanding of this month’s energies. 

I wish you all a most beautiful and sacred month!

Love, light & cosmic blessings. ~Lydia ❤ @GoddessDivine Wisdom ©2016






















Star of Divine Grand Sextile in the The Year of The Black Water Snake

Like everyone else I’ve also been intrigued by this Star Of David planetary configuration.

The last 12 hours have been a bit nerve racking for me because I’ve never recorded this type of video, but although I was not in my comfort zone, I felt that the information was somehow necessary, perhaps just for myself, but from what my guidance is telling me it seems it will be helpful to some of you as well.

For all intents and purposes of recording a video message I found it best to take apart each section of both Grand Trines, and study them using my astrology books and back those up (if you will), with the intuitive guidance I channel while interpreting Tarot and Oracle Readings.

I also meditated and received a short message from source which I posted at the end.

I hope this brings some clarity and comfort to anyone who is feeling these energies too intensely right now.


july 29-13- 12 pm


The Star of David,Tetra-what?
The Star of David of 2013 is made up of two Grand Trines; the first is a Grand Water Trine and the second is a Grand Earth Trine. These Grand Trines overlap like two triangles, one facing up and the other facing down, to form what is called a Grand Sextile aka Star of David which is a six- pointed Tetrahedron-like planetary configuration which is a very rare astrological occurrence with roots in Jewish mysticism.

Hence, much speculation has been garnered on what significance, if any, this energy will have on our current lives on our planet.

The Grand Water Trine has within its soupy essence: Jupiter in Cancer (expansive emotions), Neptune in Pisces (ideals, dreams, mysticism, duality) and Saturn in Scorpio (restriction, karmic lessons, taskmaster, deep, dark, secretive, murkiness). All water signs are Yin/Feminine energy (Mother) which I have been shown as opening, perhaps old wounds within the self and the collective consciousness.

Today, The Grand Earth Trine, which is the second part needed to form the tetrahedron shape moved into place to form the 6-pointed Star of David. This Grand Earth Trine boasts: Pluto in Capricorn (power issues, wisdom, constricting, wisdom, patience), Moon in Taurus [where it is exalted (emotional, bullish energy, covetous) and Venus in Virgo (beauty, love, wealth (diminished), hyper analytical, grounded, density). All Earth signs are also Yin, but  where normally Earth helps to stabilize the water, here the energy only becomes heavy, almost like mud.

All week my guidance kept showing me mud. It wasn’t until last night that I realized its significance. This state may be unstable for building any firm foundation, but the mud is actually cleansing and can also act like modeling clay.

When we are faced with our wounds, or deeply buried hurts (and we will!!!) those wounds will pour out via the Watery mother Trine and become manifest once the Male Earth energy (father) settles within by making it possible for us to bring them into form.

Herein is the opportunity to make a new model for ourselves. A new paradigm. Thus, something(s) will be birthed as a consequence.*
*Moreover, because there is also a “Finger of God” aspect in this astrology which is pointing to the Sun (son) this can lend itself to a more mystical meaning such as a birth of a Jewish Messiah, or the second arrival of the Christ Consciousness in human form.

Meanwhile, all this heavy cosmic activity is taking place within the setting of this year’s Chinese Horoscope Sign of the Black Water Snake, who heralded 2013 as a year of instability and unexpected changes, although also some minor gains.

I find it amazing how accurate both systems have been and how on this very year filled with markers of destiny, we can make the connections that bridge all into one.

I wish you all Love, light and Cosmic blessings,

Channeled message from Source:
“Dear ones, the hurt and rawness you will feel is also your salvation. You are not alone. Celestial help is waiting to assist. Have the courage to acknowledge how deeply and utterly you have been hurt, or even devastated, but choose LOVE ANYWAY. LOVE regardless. Love yourself and forgive yourself completely and wholly. Self-forgiveness is your KEY to healing yourself and all of humanity. The Energetic Grid must be fed by all and so you and Every person is important. No one gets left behind. Remember that we are ALL of Source, thus we are ALL ONE. As you heal and forgive Self, you heal and forgive ALL. There is no difference, nor separation. See the Self in Higher aspects so that you may be lifted into love-light vibration. That is what you are: LOVE.”