Libra Full Moon April 10-11, 2016




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Welcome to December 2016

Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas,  Happy Hannukah, Joyous Yule and Wondrous Winter Solstice!!!!  <333

December is the 12 the Month, but added to this year  9 year …(2016/9)

2+9=21  We get 21/3!

December numerologically vibrates to the number 21.  Okay: 12/21 SAME number, in reverse.  We are in a palindrome month!  A palindrome number reads the same backward or forward. It derives from the Greek ‘palin dromo’, which means “running back again.”

But running back to what? ….. (watch my December videos to learn more!)

The 12 and the 21 are both vibrationally a 3.  The 3 is creation, it is a magic number.  Even in the wrong hands.

Scared yet?  Well, don’t be.  Here comes the good news.

*3 is creative self-expression, communication, emotional sensitivity, performance, and joy.

*3 is ruled by Jupiter.  It represents the 3rd/ Solar Plexus Chakra and our gut instincts/ willpower/ ego.

A double 3 , or 33 is a Master Vibration of higher service, and visionary pursuits.

33 is associated with Christ.    The Illumined Master Teacher, Yeshua.

Last January I pulled a card for each month of this year.  We have reached the final card for 2016: The Temperance card.


How apropos!   And yes, I pulled this card back in January!

The Temperance Tarot Card is numbered 14/5.  The BEST kind of 5 is a 14 /5!

Yes, a 5 is still about dealing with change, or making changes, but a 14 /5 means it’s With intention, impetus, clear vision (1), and on a firm foundation (4).  Think of a bow and arrow!

Temperance is ruled by Sagittarius (The Archer!!!) which is ruled by Jupiter.  The 3 is ALSO ruled by Jupiter.  Creation, expansion, and growth.

So add that 3 and that 5 and you get 8… Power & Success…..What??!!

Anyone else feeling the buoyancy yet?

This month’s Sagittarian energy is about blending opposites, and achieving synthesis in critical areas of our lives, and eve our world.  In the Crowley deck the Temperance card is called “Alchemy”.  The process of taking two things and making something totally new.

A process by which you can turn straw into gold.

 Temperance often represents a situation where we are guided to the realization that perhaps we must create an entirely new option that did not previously exist.   (Just putting that out  there given the outcomes of 2016: Brexit and the US election. 🙂

Temperance is alchemy. Temperance is Magic.  It implies that if you just try you will find that there another option, you will CREATE another way.

December 2016 also offers us the unique opportunity to “blend” together (opposites choices, belief systems, families, friends) and without giving something up. Temperance says that a synthesis can be achieved if the we are willing to keep on trying, experimenting, and adjusting.

“Work, work, work, work, work, work” ~Rihanna

Sagittarius is the process of “re-tooling” to achieve a new outcome.  Sagittarius is half man, half horse, it is a Centaur.  Capricorn is half goat and half fish.  These are creatures that merge beast and man into something unique.   Two unique halves serving one purpose.  Like a bow and arrow…one flies, the other is its foundation. (14/5)

Temperance is an opportunity to temper ourselves, our situations, our environments, our circumstances and create somethi


Sagittarius is a sign of optimism, Sagittarius, the teacher of truth, enthusiasm, tolerance, beauty, philosophy, and taking risks.

To temper means to mix things with care.  Slowly balancing with moderation.  Looking at the Temperance card we are reminded that there is a higher truth to be learned and that there is much celestial guidance available to us now.

Happy Holidays!!! Have a beautiful month loves.  ❤


Photographs: Google Images

©2016 LydiaER


PS … Sadly, my Youtube Channel has been compromised and taken down.  Videos for the month are posted on my Facebook Page.


A plea For God(dess) & Country- My thoughts on Female Suppression and the 2016 American Election


I once read that America, as a country, is considered a female.


Yup, makes sense…America is clearly the beautiful,  not the handsome.

I find it appropriate that America is gendered a woman.  Given our history, that explains A LOT.  Men have literally ridden roughshod over this beautiful land since the 1500s.


I notice that the current Republican rhetoric carries a similar male-centric energy.   There is a sense that America the beautiful is also sort of wayward.

They want you to believe that the poor girl is a mess.

It insists that the American system is “broken” and “a total disaster”.

They contend that America is “lost”.  That America “isn’t great anymore” and we must “restore HER to former greatness”.

Are you hearing what I’m hearing?

America as the loose woman.

America the tart.

America as the “girl gone wild” that must be tamed.


The truth is that Women are feared, and our Goddess energy has been suppressed  into submission for millennia.


For many Americans, myself included, this particular election has facilitated a few major realizations.  It has never been so evident to me that the rise of a strong female leader in the West is being suppressed by uber-macho, chauvinists forces on a global scale.

And so the demonizing of strong women, and America is being propulgated by men  like those that have raped and pillaged her in the past.  Men who feel they are above the law and common decency.  They keep us distracted with their destructive rhetoric, and their sensationalist emails. lol

This is the oldest trick in the book.


The Bible, with its story of Eden, and a slew of corrupted women, has done a brilliant job of almost completely dismantling the rise of women.

I am thankful for the lessons within scripture as I truly believe they are necessary stepping stones for our soul’s progression and  the expansion of consciousness, but it is so heavily male-oriented at the detriment of the female, that it must be seen for what it is, a paternalistic form of governing the masses.

From the Dead Sea Scrolls, we now know that despite Master Yeshua’s intentions to leave his wife as successor of his teachings, the New Testament’s writers successfully whore-ized Mary Magdalene.

I am extremely Spiritual and not a feminist by any means, but I feel strongly that the demonizing of a woman should not be taken lightly.

The demonizing of America should not be tolerated either.

Let us rejoice at the opportunity we had to write a new story, in this timeline, where SHE was at least a serious contender.

We have come a long way, babes!break-glass-ceiling

Maybe it is me, but until this election, I had never heard so much deep, dark complaining about our country.

I always felt the American system was regarded as functional and even successful.

Alas, the landscape has changed. We are, now, such a deeply divided country thanks to all this crazy negative rhetoric.

I AM all about integration, however, this election has certainly magnified the divide amongst us.  Yin vs Yang?

As an evolved human, I know that all is as it should be.  🏼


As a daughter of legal immigrants, I can tell you that this wild country is STILL a great land of opportunity.

And as a reasonable, informed, college-educated woman,

I can tell you…

That nothing is ever going to be perfect.

So yes, Hillary Clinton isn’t perfect, but she has certainly given her life to better our country.

It is important to understand that people who serve the US citizenry, within government, must often make decisions that you and I would never want to have to make.

Hillary Clinton inherited a system of governing that was set up for men, by men.


She’s had to play their game. by their rules.  Stop blaming the new, female player; blame those that set up the game.

I think Hillary Clinton deserves our gratitude, our respect and our admiration for the work she has done so far.

American leaders from my lifetime beginning with JFK  to Obama, and their cabinets, and all those that served before them, right down to all those now in government were all  true public servants.

Unlike the current Republican candidate, these male leaders and their cabinets, understood the basics of the American system, and were respectful of our democratic process.

For the most part, at least, the American people also understood that these clearly imperfect people were doing the best they could.

These are the people who work to uphold our values, and our American Dream.

But the American Dream is not free.

The cold reality of our lifestyle is this:  We elect certain souls as public servants into high government positions, and they do whatever is necessary to continue providing the American people with the lifestyle they enjoy.

 It is akin to a sacred covenant.

These are unique souls that take the karmic hit for all of us.


They hold the karma for an entire nation. So that we don’t have to.  These are the souls who incarnate to be political soldiers.

As Secretary of State, Clinton wasn’t perfect, but she has incarnated to be a leader who will make the decisions, and take the burden that we did not sign up to make.

Like it or not, Hillary was also born to usher in the Goddess Gateway. Which is why she has such serious karma with men.

She’s born for this.  It is her soul’s purpose to serve, but her  lesson requires that she struggle to play by the rules set up by men, for men, while forging a new era for women.


It’s not easy work.

In case you have been living under a rock the past few months, there is a massive scale, global witch hunt against her.  There are many souls born to oppose the female progression on this planet.  Some have even incarnated as women.

We need souls like Hillary Clinton  to do this work.  She is meant to help usher in the egalitarian era. To bridge the divine feminine energy and anchor her Goddess energy in the grid on a physical level.

But I digress.

 I have seen Donald Trump’s astrological birth chart and he is poised to LEAD, like a king.

I say, we needed a Queen.

It saddens me that the Republican party candidate has abused the societal psyche by adopting such an egregiously distorted version of American reality as its rhetoric for 2016.

America is not broken.

America is whole, perfect and complete.  She is our beautiful creation.

America has birthed a new race of people that never existed prior to the 1500s.

But they are furiously working to break it by insisting that it is not good, or wholesome.

Is it perfect?

No, we do have a lot of issues.

One particuar concern is how our currency has changed.  The Federal Reserve Note system is not based on gold, or silver, and our “money” is truly no more than blips on a screen.

There are bankers who should have been imprisoned after the great crash of Wall Street but were bailed out.

Meanwhile, bankers are still instigating oil wars in the Middle East, running scams through the IMF, and funding the Dakota Pipeline.



It’s a vicious cycle of greed and corruption.

 So yeah, America is quite young, and a beautiful work in progress.

But in the grand scheme of things, and given what is happening globally, the USA is awesome, anyway.

Don’t agree? Maybe you should move.

I’m thankful that in my current reality there are no tanks rolling down my tree-lined street.

I have access to clean water, and more than my basic needs are met.

The unemployment rate is under 6%. lol

But more importantly, there are no bombs landing in my yard, and no land mines are strewn across our roads or by the fields of our children’s schools.

We can all agree that we have major safety here.  And you can thank our government for that.

Hillary included.

The witch hunters are manipulating the masses.  They know that some Americans take these things for granted.

They understand that some Americans don’t realize how fragile this reality truly is and how heavy, and costly it is to the souls that sign up to preserve it.   In a Russian interview, Putin said Americans are only about the individual, and do not think about life in Universal terms.  He is correct that many Americans are, but not all.

Americans need to realize that this life we have here is so precious, and such an amazing kind of life, that the rest of the world envies it.

 And no, Putin is not our friend.  He has successfully manipulated Mr. Trump, and recruited Julian Assange a long time ago.

The art of the deal is that everyone is for sale.

So this rhetoric of America needing to be great again, actually has the vibration of weakness, and misogyny.


Be careful of your words people. Our words carry strong energy.

I have had dreams of a very different reality right here in our precious America, manifested by the words and intentions of its own people looking for radical change .

If you continue saying that this country is broken… so it shall be!

So please do stop whining, bitching and complaining.

No, it’s not perfect, but we have it far better here than anywhere.

Stop spreading falsehoods.  Your words and emotional intensity will only create true brokenness and chaos.

The Republicans who have endorsed and joined the unfit, unqualified, deceiver’s camp have had to implement the strategy divisiveness.

So Yang.

Like I said, it’s a massive witch hunt.


So I’m with Hillary.

She lost the election, via the electorate but overwhelmingly won the popular vote by over 2 Million, and counting….

She earned my vote because “…she never wasted any time not making herself the most qualified person ever to run for POTUS.

Because she earned this job by working harder than anyone else in the running, or even near the running ever did. Trump admitted that.

Because she helped the people who needed it most.

Because she is highly educated, not only at ivy leagues schools, but by going where the people are and asking them about their lives.

Because she researched the lives of migrant farmworkers.

Because she provided free legal services for the poor.

Because she earned it when she fought for the 911 responders and when she got money for veterans with PTSD and brain injuries.

She earned it when she fought for and passed a bill to extend the time between deployments for the military so they could spend more time with their families.

She earned it when she fought for equal rights for women in the workplace (Lily Ledbetter) and when she set up a health insurance plan for millions of poor children.

And what about the Office for Violence Against Women that she helped establish at the Justice Department?  She started all this earning and more in college when she led her campus civil rights activities, and went to the college president to urge the admission of more minority students and to establish an African American Studies program.

Because having her in the White House leaves more possibility for progressives to organize for positive change.

Because while we hope that a president is president of all the people, the reality is that the people that elected her are more committed to peace, justice, equal rights, and environmental protection than are those who are voting for Trump…” (Thanks Pant Suit Nation!)

So yeah, I’m highly informed.

And yes, I have read the emails. *Yawn*

The emails and Assange’s interview itself convinced me that she took part in customary transactions, all of which were in play (prior to her being Secretary of State), hundreds of times by every single one of her male counterparts, and predecessors.

I have seen and heard every other extremely disturbing allegations against her by the easily-manipulated conspiracist groups: she’s the devil, she’s a lesbian(so what, mind your biz) she’s a pedophile, a devil worshipper, she’s a liar, and she’s a criminal.

It is clearly such a massive witch hunt.

We’ve all heard the Trump rally chants. “Lock her up” is the energetic equivalent to “Burn the witch”.

No, thank you.

I can’t join the witch hunt. I won’t believe the hype.

I’m about loving energy.

I’m about safety.

And I’m grateful.

I don’t need a perfect candidate, but I demand a servant leader, and some Yin energy to heal this very female land.

I believe that we are stronger together.

That’s always been our reality.

We will finally reached the end of the most contentious US election in recent American history.

I originally wrote this blog prior to the election, listening to a cable news biography on the amazing, yet turbulent life of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Sandwiched-in were are also few commercial ads for the Republican campaign, featuring Mr. Trump saying that Hilary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI again, and should be disqualified from the presidential race.

His mocking tone is ironic, and infuriating given that he has been heard on tape admitting to sexually assaulting women, and has yet to release his taxes, but I guess he is exempt.

Typical Trump.  The poster child for Men behaving badly.


Watching Hillary’s bio, I realized that this resilient woman has had quite an uphill battle.  Her Karma with men, notwithstanding, she has earned her nomination.

I was willing to overlook, and forgive the mistakes made by a woman doing her best given the set of rules and political limitations set upon her by her gender.

I am extremely grateful for the safety, and prosperity provided to us.  I am fully aware that someone must get their hands dirty to keep us this safe.  Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I just ask that we do not take it for granted.

Do not eagerly hand our precious system, and our safety over to a celebrity salesman with an old sales pitch.

We can go back and forth on what each has said, or done, but they are not alike.

Let’s stop this false equivalency.

Clinton has dedicated her life to SERVING America.

Trump’s only experience is about serving himself.  He is a very successful self-server, not a public server.

He has been called a con artist.

I drove past his now defunct, gilded Jersey Shore, Trump Casinos this past summer and felt that would be the fate of America.  Gilded, used, and discarded.

He may be born to lead, but also deceive.  And his irresponsible actions have already created a hostile living environment for many of his targets such as Latinos, and Muslim-Americans.

His negative, divisive rhetoric has also negatively impacted my family.  My own 13-year-old son, a 4th generation American, was called a “border-hopper” by pro-Trump, white school mates.

Kids intuitively understand that the RNCs slogan also implies Make America WHITE again.

Good luck with that.

On a human level, I take this very personally.

This Republican campaign has given rise and license to this divisive turn in our populace.  We all saw and heard Trump do so from the very 1st press conference.

Aside from his clear contempt of women and bigotry, this KKK-endorsed candidate has enjoyed saying these things, just for the thrill of riling-up his support base.

True showmanship.

The way I see it, a vote for Trump was …

  • a vote against my family

  • a vote against the American system and our Democracy

  • a vote against women

  • a vote against our way of life, and the peace and prosperity we have all long enjoyed.

To their credit, not all Republicans jumped on the Trump crazy train. Kudos to all the millions of real Republicans not voting for this unqualified candidate.


They understand that if left unchecked, this new Trump-style Republican energy will eventually negatively change America, irrevocably.


And no, it won’t be great because America is already Great.  But it is ready for a fresh new change.  It should have been the Rise of the Feminine, but America “in its plurality” has chosen a different path.

Let us pray that President-Elect Trump does indeed bring in fresh energy and prosperity for the good of all.


©LR 2016

Photo credit: Google Images

November 2016

Hello Beautiful souls!


November 2016 features the energy of 11, and the 20, which are both a high level 2.

The 2 energy brings somethng else in.

The 11 reminds us to keep our energy positive so that we may manifest our heart’s most beautiful intentions.

The 20 has the enerfy of the 2 with the 0.  The 0 is a blessing from the Divine.  It is the number of the Universal field of unlimited potentiality.

In addition, this month features the energy of the Tower Tarot Card.

The Tower signals that an important, and often unexpected realization is imminent.

Together with the 2 energetic vibration, we have the opportunity to bring in, and manifest really beautiful realities with reagrd to love, or an intense wish can come to fruition.

Many will realize that their soul mate is someone completely unexpected!!!

Have a beautiful Month! ❤

©LR 2016

November 2016 Joyful Goddess Soul Coaching Sessions Playlist-12 Videos

©LR 2016

October 2016

Welcome to October 2016!


October 2016 Video Playlist- 13 Videos




The Sun is in fair minded Libra and  Jupiter also entered Libra for its full year visit.  That means that wherever Libra is in your chart there is a 365-day window of opportunity for expansion, luck, and good fortune. We may also experience balanced collaborations, egalitarian partnerships, fair resolutions, and it is also an ideal time to get married.





On October 1st we kick off the month of October with a gorgeous Venus and Neptune Trine. It is also an 11/2  day… The 11 Master Vibration is highly Spiritual, and the 2 is always about Partnering.  In essence, on this day there is cosmic support so that we can align ourselves with our Soul’s True Purpose.

This day  is perfect for visualizing and getting our internal creative juices flowing within a very tranquil, relaxing supportive  energy that supports our dreams and vision work.  There was a New Moon the previous day 30th of September, which is tied to this Trine, but also to the change-able  Full Moon energy on October 16th.

Be aware that this energy may bring difficult, and even chaotic changes, into our lives.  We will reap what we sow, so be careful how you handle the change.  Employ your free will in order to shape a brighter near future.   There is also a New Moon on October 30th, in Scorpio. Use its seeding energy to help you create and manifest sacred space, and emotional security.







As a 10 October represents a cycle.  In a 9Year it is reflected back to itself.  A 10/1 is a reset month.  A new cycle begins.  Numerologically, October of 2016 resonates to a 10/ 1 Vibration.

The 10 vibration is about cycles.  Number 10 is the symbol of ‘wholeness’  –  humanity, number 1 and number 0 –  the gift of power and protection.

The number 10/1 brings all sorts of new changes into your life, and there seems to be an element of luck within those energies.

Number 10/1 resonates with the vibrations and energies of leadership, optimism, confidence, independence, creative powers, success, and determination.

The 1 frequency is individualistic.   It is about leadership, and embarking in a new direction.  The 1 is forceful, it is the impetus, seeding, that we need in order to begin a plan, or to maintain forward movement if you have already started something new.

 It is the number of creation, the primal force from which all other numbers spring forth.   The 1 is a doer, a powerful force that produces results and does not allow anything or anyone to limit its potential. The 1 can be perceived as aggressive, but its job, or function is to begin something, it is a necessary energy for creating and producing.

The 1 energy beckons you to take the spotlight and be in the forefront: perfect energy for spearheading projects, directing, managing groups, or activities, and leading others.

The October 2016 card of the month is the The Devil Card, aka Materialism. The Devil card is often misunderstood and feared, but what it merely represents  is the personification of the animal, instinctual and even bestial parts within all of us. it relates to our basic instinctual needs – those things which confirm to us that, like it or not, we are animals. Our survival needs, like hunger, thirst, protection, warmth, safety is ruled by the card, as are our sexual desires and needs.

This card always shows up to signal that we are out of alignment with our true Self.

This card simply highlights the problems WE create, or imagine for ourselves.  It also shows how our negative feeling have manifested into behaviors that do not sustain our Soul’s true path, many of which are negative stigmas we attach to the fulfilment of our own animal instincts such as – eating, and our sexual needs, but also negative behaviors such as alcoholism, consumerism, hoarding, obsessions with expensive labels, or creating false identities through items, or over shopping…etc.  Also, addictions to sex, food, love, things, people, or even ideologies that are not loving in nature.  The list goes on!!!   We all have to face our hang-ups, inhibitions, insecurities, erroneous beliefs, and fears this month.

With this card there is often a fair amount of selfishness.

Perhaps this is the month you need to be more Self-ish and care for yourself at a very deep level.  Some may have to face their inner-truths are not aligning with the life they are deliberately living.

If this applies to you, then this card is here to say that it is time to forge a new contract with the SELF!

So on a month that features the Devil/ Materialism, look deeply at your responses and feelings about this area of instinctual response. Think and be brutally honest with your own behaviours, your own thoughts, your own belief about your elf, but especially about others….

Are they loving, inclusive and kind?   Look into your fears, and what is driving those fears, are you being irrational?

Are you projecting your inner negativity onto others?  Lastly, are you dealing with hang-ups, or covering up your insecurities with numbing agents, alcohol, sex, or drugs?

This is the month to start a new way of Be-ing more aligned to your Higher Self and life Purpose.   Try to see if your fears, or negative thoughts, are based in reality, or merely projections.

Whatever you uncover in yourself this month remember to love through it.  Try to let go and move on. Have compassion for yourself, and let go of what is holding you back from forging a new destiny.









Have a beautiful month!






Affirmations: I love myself unconditionally; I easily let go of what no longer serves me: I and am free to forge ahead; I choose joyful experiences.





El Sol está en Libra justa mente y Júpiter también entró en Libra por su visita de 1 año. Esto significa que siempre que Libra es en su carta hay una oportunidad para la expansión, la suerte y la buena fortuna. También podemos experimentar colaboraciones equilibradas, sociedades igualitarias, resoluciones justas, y también es un momento ideal para casarse.

El 1 de octubre, que poner en marcha el mes de octubre con un trígono de Venus y Neptuno. También está a 11 los días … 11/2 es la vibración maestro de espiritualidad, y la asociación, o la reducción de la Ser con la Mente Superior / Ser. Esto es perfecto para la visualización y conseguir nuestros jugos creativos internos que fluye en un muy tranquilo, la energía que soporta nuestros sueños y el trabajo visión relajante. Había una luna nueva el día anterior 30 de de setiembre, que está vinculado a la luna llena el 16 de octubre, tenga en cuenta que esta energía puede traer difícil, e incluso los cambios caóticos, en nuestras vidas. Vamos a cosechar lo que sembramos, así que tenga cuidado cómo manejar el cambio. Emplear su libre voluntad con el fin de dar forma a un futuro cercano más brillante. También hay una luna nueva el 30 de octubre, en Escorpión. Use su energía siembra para ayudarle a crear un espacio sagrado y manifiesta, y la seguridad emocional.


Como 10 de octubre representa un ciclo. En un 9Year se refleja de nuevo a sí mismo. A 10/1 es un mes reset. Un nuevo ciclo comienza. Numerológicamente de octubre de 2016 resuena a una vibración 10/1.

El 10 de vibración es acerca de los ciclos. El número 10 es el símbolo de la “totalidad” – la humanidad, el número 1 y el número 0 – el don de poder y protección.

El número 10/1 trae todo tipo de nuevos cambios en su vida, y parece que hay un elemento de suerte dentro de esas energías.



Número 10/1 resuena con las vibraciones y energías de liderazgo, optimismo, confianza, independencia, capacidad creativa, el éxito y determinación.

El 1 de frecuencia es individualista. Se trata de liderazgo, y embarcarse en una nueva dirección. El 1 es contundente, es el impulso, la siembra, que necesitamos a fin de iniciar un plan, o para mantener el movimiento hacia delante si ya ha comenzado algo nuevo.

Es el número de la creación, la fuerza primaria de la que todos los otros números de brotar. La figura 1 es un hacedor, una fuerza poderosa que produce resultados y no permite que nada ni nadie para limitar su potencial. El 1 puede ser percibido como agresivo, pero su trabajo, o la función es comenzar algo, es una energía necesaria para la creación y producción.


El 1 de energía te invita a tomar el centro de atención y estar en la vanguardia: la energía perfecta para liderar proyectos, la dirección, la gestión de grupos o actividades, y guiar a otros.

La tarjeta de octubre de 2016 es el mes de la tarjeta del Diablo, también conocido como materialismo. La tarjeta Diablo es a menudo mal entendido y temido, pero lo que representa simplemente es la personificación del animal, partes instintivos e incluso bestiales dentro de todos nosotros. que se refiere a nuestras necesidades instintivas básicas – las cosas que nos confirman que, nos guste o no, somos animales. Nuestro necesidades de supervivencia, como el hambre, la sed, la protección, la calidez, la seguridad es gobernado por la tarjeta, al igual que nuestros deseos y necesidades sexuales.

Esta tarjeta siempre aparece para indicar que estamos fuera de alineación con nuestro verdadero Ser.


Esta tarjeta simplemente pone de relieve los problemas que creamos, o imaginar por nosotros mismos. También muestra cómo nuestro sentimiento negativo han manifestado en comportamientos que no sustentan verdadero camino de nuestra Alma, muchos de los cuales son estigmas negativos que atribuimos al cumplimiento de nuestros propios instintos animales tales como – el comer, y nuestras necesidades sexuales, sino también los comportamientos negativos tales como el alcoholismo, el consumismo, el acaparamiento, obsesiones con etiquetas caros, o la creación de identidades falsas a través de artículos, o sobre las compras … etc. Además, las adicciones al sexo, la comida, el amor, cosas, personas o incluso ideologías que no son amantes de la naturaleza. ¡¡¡La lista continua!!! Todos tenemos que enfrentar nuestros cortes de comunicación, las inhibiciones, las inseguridades, las creencias erróneas y los temores de este mes.

Con esta tarjeta a menudo hay una buena cantidad de egoísmo.

Tal vez este es el mes que necesita para ser más auto-ish y cuidar de sí mismo en un nivel muy profundo. Algunos pueden tener que enfrentarse a sus interiores verdades no se están alineando con la vida que están viviendo deliberadamente



Si este es su caso, entonces esta tarjeta está aquí para decir que es hora de forjar un nuevo contrato con el YO!

Así que en un mes que cuenta con el Diablo / materialismo, mirar profundamente en sus respuestas y sentimientos sobre esta área de la respuesta instintiva. Pensar y ser brutalmente honesto con sus propios comportamientos, sus propios pensamientos, su propia creencia acerca de su duende, pero sobre todo por los demás ….

¿Son cariñosos, incluyente y amable? Mira dentro de sus miedos, y lo que está impulsando esos temores, estás siendo irracional?

¿Está proyectando su negatividad interna en los demás? Por último, se le trata con cortes de comunicación, o encubrir sus inseguridades con agentes anestésicos, el alcohol, el sexo o las drogas?


Este es el mes para iniciar una nueva forma de Be-ción más alineados con su Ser Superior y la vida Propósito. Trate de ver si sus miedos, o pensamientos negativos, se basan en la realidad, o simplemente proyecciones.

Cualquiera que sea a descubrir en ti mismo este mes recuerda al amor a través de él. Tratar de dejar ir y seguir adelante. Ten compasión por sí mismo, y dejar ir lo que está frenando de forjar un nuevo destino.

Tener un mes hermoso!

Las afirmaciones: Me amo incondicionalmente; Me fácilmente dejar ir lo que ya no me sirve: I y soy libre para seguir adelante; Elijo experiencias alegres.



©2016 Lydia Elizabeth R -Goddess Divine Wisdom














September 2016

Hello again Divine souls!

Welcome to September 2016 …Hope you are ready!

As you may, or may not know, every January I pull Major Arcana Tarot cards that serve as KEYS for each month of the year.

This month’s card is The SUN.




The SUN Tarot card Makes perfect sense following the Lion’s Gateway, and in anticipation of this month’s forward march into Eclipse Season.


The Sun is numbered 19/1 .

This is the Trump that symbolizes pure joy, enlightenment,





and feelings of achievement.

The Sun is about centering into a child-like wonder that is about YOU

and you alone.

It is about the naked truth.

It can be ego-centric, yes, but its genuine soul-infused purity keeps it from being narcissistic.

This is about self-empowerment, and enjoying life.

The Sun is the birth of your Self;

it is YOUR light shining forth,

through you,

towards everything else.

Its appearance in a tarot spread reminds you of a simple, but powerful truth:

It is all within you.  Always has.  Always will.

This is about staying centered

and aligned to Source.

There is no thinking here!

 –notice an absence of swords in the Connelly Tarot deck rendition–

sun 2

Love the alchemy symbolism!!!

This is life-affirming,



intuitive intelligence here…

which is about sensing and connecting with your DIVINITY.

Your sovereignty,

Your power.




The SUN Tarot card is the state we can achieve by not being distracted with the rabbit holes,

and labyrinths of the World;

or its media,

its politics,

nor its myriad of conspiracies.

The World is OF itself.  Let it be. Be only YOU instead. 

Stay aligned.

Everything is within.

The only truth is your LIGHT.

Your own light is your path,

your journey,

your guidance

and your salvation.

This is your magic,

and how you create your own destiny.

This is not selfish;

this is Self-Awareness…

in the most highly positive,

and DIVINE sense.

The Sun Card IS  the most beneficial card

and blessing we could hope for in order to help us navigate the astro-energetic tidal wave

that will be September 2016.

Every September kicks off our annual autumnal Eclipse season.

This year’s eclipses are tied to the 2016/9 vibrational year, which urges that we compassionately release everything that is no longer serving us

without fear.

The energy has been intensifying since July.

July initiated the need to make major choices.

The August, ‘Lions Gateway’ intensified our need for major change,

and a need to progress,

and tied that all to the collective consciousness.


Yes, but….

This month we are back to working on our personal development,

and aligning deeper into our true path.

Our soul’s intended journey begins for a number of beneficial reasons….


Numer-o-logically, it is a 9 month within a 9 vibrational year.

We are meant to learn how to be self-compassionate,

while mastering our ability to release without the fear that holds us back from embarking on our true soul’s purpose.






The Sun card, (which I pulled back in January!!!)  is our blessing.

It is our advice from Spirit so that we can successfully,

and effectively manage, learn and complete this extremely difficult (collective) life lesson.

The Astrology of September 2016

On September 1st-  (I go back to work in an entirely new setting… lol) We have a Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Virgo. Critically seed your most heartfelt intentions.

This is another opportunity for aligning yourself with the

possibility to make quantum leaps of progress towards new plans,

and future endeavors.

This solar eclipse energy will light up all new areas of potential opportunity!


On September 9th Jupiter & Venus both move into Libra, giving us a joyful lift wherever Libra lives in our birth charts.

Jupiter will stay in Libra until mid-October, 2017!!!

Another September Bonus is that the troublesome Saturn/Neptune square reaches its peak on the 10th,

but after the 10th its energy will begin to dissipate;

gifting us with a greater sense of mobility.

On September 16th there is a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Pisces…

allowing us greater depth,

and insights which will illuminate our path.

Eclipse energies are powerful.

We will be able to see the early signs of how our Virgo New Moon/Solar eclipse intentions have started to become manifest.

Do you like what you co-created?

No worries!

This energy will helps us visualize the next right steps.






Mercury has been retrograding since August 30th,  so its energy will be felt through September 22nd.  

It is another opportunity to revisit and revise our plans and strategies for success.

Also on the 22nd, the Sun enters the sign of Libra -giving us yet another chance to revisit opportunities we may have missed prior to the Lion’s Gateway.

And… on the 26th, the Sun, also aligns with Jupiter in Libra.

This is a sacred  7-day vibration that aligns us directly with source energy.

Perfect day to reflect,

tune in,

do an intense vibe check,

and Channel guidance from Source!!!

On the 31st, the last day of September, there is a phenomenal New Moon on the 8th degree of Libra. Mercury also enters Libra on that same day.

So where is Libra sitting in your birth chart?  ‘Cause it’s gonna to get LIT!

Looking ahead to the energy of October which features the Devil (aka The Materialism card),

with Jupiter…

I can see why there is lots of hope for expansion, building success, money, luck & love…

And with the Devil Card as the October influence…

perhaps we will be experiencing too much of a good thing?

Hmmm …..

Have a beautiful month!

Lydia Elizabeth R @goddessdivinewisdom

© 2016

 September 2016

Astro-Tarot-Numerology Playlist

13 Videos 





August 2016 is going to be a game a game changer!

Featuring The highly anticipated 888 Lion’s Gate Portal .

This Star Portal opened a few days ago on July 26th  under the influence of the FOOL Tarot KEY.


{Every January I pull Major Arcana card mentors from the Tarot which serve as KEYS for each month of the year.

Each KEY is energetically charged to help us unlock our highest potential for happiness, love, and success.}

Remember that the FOOL is all about a major CHOICE- New Beginnings and new journeys.

But that was then…

Now it is all about August! Especially the beginning of August ….a true window of Light and Opportunity. A magical, Cosmic-Sun powered Gateway to the 6th and 7th Dimension. Yes, this is Ascended Mastership. We have access to a New Spiral of energies that align us directly to the Divine Cosmic Heart.

The portal’s most potent day is on Aug 8, or 8/8   -the 8th month, the eight day, within an 8 vibrational frequency  month.

The portal remains open until Aug 11  and closes on the 12th of August.

Energies of August 2016 will help us move forward with our spiritual, and personal goals, and aspirations.

This month’s KEY ADVICE card is


Dun dun dun… no worries.  It’s all good!




Some of you may question, how can the Death Card be a good advice card?

The Death Card is actually an extremely beautiful mentor that teaches us about life cycles, and the need for endings, a MAJOR change, and DEEP TRANSFORMATION in important areas of our lives. ……

So it is actually a most perfect KEY advice tarot card for August 2016!

The Death Card Symbolizes the need for a complete ending, a renewal, or better yet, a TRANSITION.

Some of us may have had this happen already;

many are actually in the midst of experiencing it;

while others are about to feel it… soon.

Transitioning can be experienced on many levels, and can go from easy to even harsh.

The end result is meant to bring on a a total transformation!

Like the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly!

With the Lions Gate energies, it may require a radical change, a letting go, a cutting away, or pruning away, of what is no longer useful. Paving the way for new growth, and the new, improved YOU.

Plus, the Lion Gate’s purpose is to energetically re-calibrate, and re-align us to Source and our highest purpose.

The promise of the death card is that afterwards we will have renewal.

The rose in the Death Card indicates new life, love, beauty, purification and immortality.

The rising sun is improved conditions ahead.   A New dawn, a new day!

The Death card is ruled by Scorpio.

 It is numbered 13, (my 2nd favorite number) which is really a high level 4.

The 4 frequency is practicality, organization.  Plus,it is known to resonate with the energies of the Archangels.

 The number 13, is also sacred to the Goddess’ 13 moons, of the year. Perfect with the very feminine number 8!

Although August is the 8th month, but not every August will actually resonate to an 8 frequency,

Since we are in a 9 vibrational year (of compassionately releasing without fear… aka DEATH …) and the 9 always reflects the number back to itself,  (9+8=17/8) we have an 17/8 vibrational frequency for this month of August 2016.

  17/8 is AWESOME.


 The number 17 frequency brings gifts of spirit and good fortune.

In the Bible the number 17 symbolizes “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory.”

17 relates to The Star card in Tarot, and the Astrological sign of Aquarius. Insight, responsibility, spiritual consciousness, wisdom…

17 is agape love for all of humanity.

Notice that The Star Tarot Card almost always features an 8-pointed, Star of Venus.

That is not a coincidence.

What’s so GREAT about the EIGHT???


The number 8 is my ALL TIME FAVORITE number frequency …

The amazing Number 8 is about authority, power & success.

In The Bible, the 8 means Resurrection and Regeneration. (So Scorpio and the Tarot Death card!)


It is the number of a new beginning, or a new era.

The 8 is ALSO the number of the Goddess; the Eight pointed STAR— Venus -the highest feminine number.

8 is the feminine energy of openness, of ‘giving and receiving’.

The 8 is a figure of change, and perpetual motion. Giving/Receiving,  Karma, The Universal Laws of Cause & Effect…

8 is also the shape of the sacred Lemniscate featured in many Tarot cards such as the Strength card which is numbered 8 in the Major Arcana/ or Trumps.

The 8 is cosmically related to Saturn (karma & responsibility).

So you see how it easily relates to the Death card?

Be prepared for total change with the combined energies of the 8 frequency and the Death Tarot Card.

So …what comes, must go, and vice versa.

These energies represent the external and continuous spiral of perpetual motion which is the supreme signature of the Universe and all evolutionary cycles….

Oh did I mention that the number 8 is attributed to the Astrological sign of Scorpio?  Yeah Scorpio, that is in fact also represented by guess which card???

Yup, The DEATH Tarot Card!

Hello Spirit.  Thank you.  I pulled it back in January!

Okay, an also the the Strength Card. (So much resonance!)

The 8 is also associated with The North Node of the Moon  (our individual fate) and the Central Sun (victory, new life, success) ..THESE are precisely the major cosmic player in Lion’s gateway energy this month…

That means that our individual fates are tied to victory, new life, and success!

Gotta love that!

The 8 is also about the chakra system, so this is a great month to get them cleared and aligned. Use vibrational tuning, energy healing, or any healing modality of your preference.

The 8 energy brings success, good judgement & money.  manifesting wealth, abundance  and prosperity,

The 8 energy guarantees that we will flourish, gain mastery & wisdom,

This is “Master Energy’, with the added turbo boost of a powerful august star gateway ….

Pure awesomeness! Especially if you are working towards issues affecting all of humanity.

The Lions gateway is all about the collective and tying your destiny to success!

 Use  The new moon on the 2nd for setting intentions that bring you more personal, loving, or professional goals and better yet for collective empowerment,

This is the key month t get clear about unlocking love, success & abundance.

So to quote my own motto: “Give it out good so it comes back better! ”

Pay special attention to the culminating energies of the full moon of August 18th! By then the portal will be closed and we will be better able to perceive what areas have been affected by change.

The general energies of August 2016 will demand that we stand in our power, but we MUST use our power with integrity.

The advice from the Death Card, and the 17/8 vibration is all about being in flow with the changes of August, brought on by the choices we made  under the FOOL card of JULY -the energy that opened the portal.

You may think you didn’t choose anything, but that just means you CHOSE to leave things in the hands of others, or to the Universe.

Either way, you did choose.

You chose NOT to choose.  But it is still a choice. You will still be responsible for its energetic karmic vibration.

The Good news is that the transformations, we are, or have, or are about to experience, will lead to success and wishes being fulfilled…  through this process of “transition” … of this month’s Key the Death card (change), perfectly represented folks, and I pulled these cards back  in January.

So We may be forced to leave something behind, perhaps, a love, an old dream, a house, job, partnership, addictions, or attachments.

 Transitioning through this energetic portal,  a major life change, or event, will require Strength, and that we look to the STARS for guidance.

Fortunately, we have The Strength card, and the Star Card as awesome mentor cards and the 17/8 Vibration to support us…. it is quite a energetic cocktail mixer!

How awesome is Spirit?

However this manifests for us need strength and celestial insight to begin anew.




Have a beautiful month! 

Cosmic Blessings,

Lydia Elizabeth R.

Goddess Divine © 2016