Wisdom & Light

Welcome Goddesses!!!

Yes, you too are a Goddess of Divine Love & Universal creativity!

My message is simple: The power of our light-filled intention can help us acquire beauty in every area of our lives and the lives of everyone around us. Thus, my role is to help you connect with your Divine Feminine power, Higher-Self and allow the Universe to shower you with the abundance of love, joy, health and all things beautiful & good.

This is true Goddess work…ascension of mind, body and spirit.

I have been teaching, as well as, working with Healing techniques, Soul Coaching, Tarot, Oracle Cards, Angels & Esoteric Sciences for over a decade.  I was activated and ‘awakened’ as a TEACHER  of the Divine Feminine in 2009 by the powerful light-based energies that have been steadily enveloping our planet to ease our ascension into the next phase of our Human Evolution.

My passions are my family, nature, teaching and all things spiritual.  I specialize in identifying OPPORTUNITIES which are always available to us via our connection to Source, and our Higher Goddess Self frequency which is always accessible to us via many forms,  be it prayer, meditation,  oracle cards, chanting, music,  and my personal favorite teaching tool: the Tarot.

Every Goddess has unique gifts!

I love Tarot…it is an ancient loving form of accessing DIVINE messages.  This remarkable teaching tool is a visual aide that energetically transmits information.  Its symbols are actually keys that unlock our inner-knowing.  It helps us re-member internal, universal knowledge that will lead us to JOYFUL states of  BE-ing in FLOW with the Divine SOURCE Energy of the I AM Presence ( aka Christ-Consciousness).

We are all part of a great universal energy source of pure light.

At the time of my activation I feared that people would think I was losing my mind, but soon I was empowered  by the evidence that I wasn’t  the woman only one experiencing the Goddess ascension symptoms of ‘light-activations’.  In fact, through this spiritual journey I realized that this phenomenon is happening all over the planet.

I now have Goddess siStars all over our beauitful Gaia!

Women are evolving and my purpose is to aid those whom have chosen to ‘awaken’ now  (and those that haven’t), to more easily let-go of out-dated paradigms that no longer serve the highest purpose.

Everything is Energy and the most powerful energy is LOVE.

Everything in the Universe energetically vibrates, including humans.  We are essentially light beings and each of us emits a unique frequency that  is determined by our emotions, thoughts, words and feelings.  The planet’s ascension requires that we keep up high frequencies within and without of our own personal Auric-energy fields.

The Divine Feminine Goddess frequency is special because it seeks to re-unite the our Goddess energy which was suppressed  during humanity’s recent dark ages of male dominance, and aggression.

We are Goddesses, and yet, WE truly are ONE. ❤

Goddess, we are responsible for uplifting each other.  Each one of us is important.  Each of us together make up what’s been coined “the Divine Feminine collective consciousness”, which is intrinsically linked to the Universal consciousness, or God Consciousness that is in everything at once.  Thus, each of our energy fields is interdependent as it affects the rest of the collective and the planet.  I call this interdependence the HUMAN ENERGETIC GRID.  Our Goddess purpose is to strengthen our grid by raising our personal energetic frequency and shinning our internal love -light upon the world.

To that end, I strive to share the WISDOM I receive and shine my own beautiful Goddess Wisdom, and LOVE-LIGHT Energy on a larger scale .

Dear Goddess, YOU are here at this great time of change for a reason.  YOU already have the answers you seek and hold the key to unlock your divine destiny.

I would be honored to teach you how to free yourself of recurring negativity, doubt, guilt,  and help you step into the flow of abundance,  so that you may truly co-create a loving and abundant life.

“May your life be a beautiful state of grace sustained by an uncompromising sense of appreciation for the synthesis of space, surroundings, beings, possessions, creative brilliance and miracles that help honor & enhance your reality through the power of your DIVINE intention; for the highest good of all.”

Many blessings of LOVE-LIGHT …

Within Divine Love & In joy,

~L@Goddess Divine Wisdom 

©2008 Lydia R@Goddess Divine Wisdom-

Empress Venus Series©2008 Lydia R@Goddess Divine Wisdom

Beauty via the Power of Intention ©2008 Lydia R@Goddess Divine Wisdom



My gift to you:  free monthly  Goddess Coaching & Guidance on my Youtube channel:  GoddessDivineWisdom. http://www.youtube.com/user/GoddessDivine813




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  1. Hi Lydia. I’m so happy to know about your work in youtube. You brought me hope for better days. Gratitude. Kisses of Light.

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