Ascension is on my mind.  And it isn’t just about becoming a master.

heart field

We are all pretty familiar with the Ascended Masters, and we’ve all read articles on Master -level Ascension techniques, but these always seemed so out of reach for those of us that aren’t seeking mastership status.  The word itself felt remote and illusory.

I’m an ordinary gal, but well aware that I Am a spark of divine love-light in human form.  I found that there are varying levels of ascension available to every one of us.  So Ascension isn’t just a complex roadmap to reaching higher states of enlightenment a la Saint Germain, it is also a really awesome tool available to all us mortals here in the dense dimension.  It’s a process to alchemize our personal energy to lighter, or more expansive vibrational frequencies.

Energetic ascension of our lower vibrations is activated by our awareness- which works as an internal, self-regulatory system that “tunes-up” (for a lack of a better term) our emotional body, heals us from within and refines our intentions to a purer, more integral state… Essentially matching our 3d reality more closely to our eternal Self.

As within, so without.

As we become more self-aware, the tool of Ascension, or self- alchemy can be applied to align to our needs.  Regardless of the situations we face in our daily lives, our free will gives us the control we need to ascend our lower energies.  We can literally choose to create & transmute low vibration to higher states.  Ascension allows for the safe, and natural expression of our natural energies…

Fire energy: passion, rage, and unhealthy desire

Water energy:  emotional distress, depression, and sadness

Earth energy:  materialism, addictions, and physical dependency

Air energy: negative thoughts, words, and communication

All can be alchemized via the process of Ascension.

Hence, at any given moment, or circumstance, we can choose to ascend our energy and thus, our reactions to those more aligned with our true Self.  Anger, sadness, disappointment, even grief can be safely expressed.

When we choose to utilize our lower emotions for the greater good, we are aligned to our Higher Self expression.  The new forms of expression will surprise you and probably even help others.

In this state of alchemized energetics, the gratitude will overflow naturally.  Be open to receiving these gifts.  We have a sovereign right to steer our physical,, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies into lighter realms regardless of the actions of others, or situations surrounding us on this dense plane.

Choose with your heart & always, always give love to your Self first, because we all know that the Universe always conspires on our behalf, but we must make the first move.

“God helps those that help themselves!”

Blessings. xox



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