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PS … Sadly, my Youtube Channel has been compromised and taken down.  Videos for the month are posted on my Facebook Page.

Welcome to December 2016

Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas,  Happy Hannukah, Joyous Yule and Wondrous Winter Solstice!!!!  <333

December is the 12 the Month, but added to this year  9 year …(2016/9)

2+9=21  We get 21/3!

December numerologically vibrates to the number 21.  Okay: 12/21 SAME number, in reverse.  We are in a palindrome month!  A palindrome number reads the same backward or forward. It derives from the Greek ‘palin dromo’, which means “running back again.”

But running back to what? ….. (watch my December videos to learn more!)

The 12 and the 21 are both vibrationally a 3.  The 3 is creation, it is a magic number.  Even in the wrong hands.

Scared yet?  Well, don’t be.  Here comes the good news.

*3 is creative self-expression, communication, emotional sensitivity, performance, and joy.

*3 is ruled by Jupiter.  It represents the 3rd/ Solar Plexus Chakra and our gut instincts/ willpower/ ego.

A double 3 , or 33 is a Master Vibration of higher service, and visionary pursuits.

33 is associated with Christ.    The Illumined Master Teacher, Yeshua.

Last January I pulled a card for each month of this year.  We have reached the final card for 2016: The Temperance card.


How apropos!   And yes, I pulled this card back in January!

The Temperance Tarot Card is numbered 14/5.  The BEST kind of 5 is a 14 /5!

Yes, a 5 is still about dealing with change, or making changes, but a 14 /5 means it’s With intention, impetus, clear vision (1), and on a firm foundation (4).  Think of a bow and arrow!

Temperance is ruled by Sagittarius (The Archer!!!) which is ruled by Jupiter.  The 3 is ALSO ruled by Jupiter.  Creation, expansion, and growth.

So add that 3 and that 5 and you get 8… Power & Success…..What??!!

Anyone else feeling the buoyancy yet?

This month’s Sagittarian energy is about blending opposites, and achieving synthesis in critical areas of our lives, and eve our world.  In the Crowley deck the Temperance card is called “Alchemy”.  The process of taking two things and making something totally new.

A process by which you can turn straw into gold.

 Temperance often represents a situation where we are guided to the realization that perhaps we must create an entirely new option that did not previously exist.   (Just putting that out  there given the outcomes of 2016: Brexit and the US election. 🙂

Temperance is alchemy. Temperance is Magic.  It implies that if you just try you will find that there another option, you will CREATE another way.

December 2016 also offers us the unique opportunity to “blend” together (opposites choices, belief systems, families, friends) and without giving something up. Temperance says that a synthesis can be achieved if the we are willing to keep on trying, experimenting, and adjusting.

“Work, work, work, work, work, work” ~Rihanna

Sagittarius is the process of “re-tooling” to achieve a new outcome.  Sagittarius is half man, half horse, it is a Centaur.  Capricorn is half goat and half fish.  These are creatures that merge beast and man into something unique.   Two unique halves serving one purpose.  Like a bow and arrow…one flies, the other is its foundation. (14/5)

Temperance is an opportunity to temper ourselves, our situations, our environments, our circumstances and create somethi


Sagittarius is a sign of optimism, Sagittarius, the teacher of truth, enthusiasm, tolerance, beauty, philosophy, and taking risks.

To temper means to mix things with care.  Slowly balancing with moderation.  Looking at the Temperance card we are reminded that there is a higher truth to be learned and that there is much celestial guidance available to us now.

Happy Holidays!!! Have a beautiful month loves.  ❤


Photographs: Google Images

©2016 LydiaER


PS … Sadly, my Youtube Channel has been compromised and taken down.  Videos for the month are posted on my Facebook Page.


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