November 2016

Hello Beautiful souls!


November 2016 features the energy of 11, and the 20, which are both a high level 2.

The 2 energy brings somethng else in.

The 11 reminds us to keep our energy positive so that we may manifest our heart’s most beautiful intentions.

The 20 has the enerfy of the 2 with the 0.  The 0 is a blessing from the Divine.  It is the number of the Universal field of unlimited potentiality.

In addition, this month features the energy of the Tower Tarot Card.

The Tower signals that an important, and often unexpected realization is imminent.

Together with the 2 energetic vibration, we have the opportunity to bring in, and manifest really beautiful realities with reagrd to love, or an intense wish can come to fruition.

Many will realize that their soul mate is someone completely unexpected!!!

Have a beautiful Month! ❤

©LR 2016

November 2016 Joyful Goddess Soul Coaching Sessions Playlist-12 Videos

©LR 2016

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