August 2016 is going to be a game a game changer!

Featuring The highly anticipated 888 Lion’s Gate Portal .

This Star Portal opened a few days ago on July 26th  under the influence of the FOOL Tarot KEY.


{Every January I pull Major Arcana card mentors from the Tarot which serve as KEYS for each month of the year.

Each KEY is energetically charged to help us unlock our highest potential for happiness, love, and success.}

Remember that the FOOL is all about a major CHOICE- New Beginnings and new journeys.

But that was then…

Now it is all about August! Especially the beginning of August ….a true window of Light and Opportunity. A magical, Cosmic-Sun powered Gateway to the 6th and 7th Dimension. Yes, this is Ascended Mastership. We have access to a New Spiral of energies that align us directly to the Divine Cosmic Heart.

The portal’s most potent day is on Aug 8, or 8/8   -the 8th month, the eight day, within an 8 vibrational frequency  month.

The portal remains open until Aug 11  and closes on the 12th of August.

Energies of August 2016 will help us move forward with our spiritual, and personal goals, and aspirations.

This month’s KEY ADVICE card is


Dun dun dun… no worries.  It’s all good!




Some of you may question, how can the Death Card be a good advice card?

The Death Card is actually an extremely beautiful mentor that teaches us about life cycles, and the need for endings, a MAJOR change, and DEEP TRANSFORMATION in important areas of our lives. ……

So it is actually a most perfect KEY advice tarot card for August 2016!

The Death Card Symbolizes the need for a complete ending, a renewal, or better yet, a TRANSITION.

Some of us may have had this happen already;

many are actually in the midst of experiencing it;

while others are about to feel it… soon.

Transitioning can be experienced on many levels, and can go from easy to even harsh.

The end result is meant to bring on a a total transformation!

Like the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly!

With the Lions Gate energies, it may require a radical change, a letting go, a cutting away, or pruning away, of what is no longer useful. Paving the way for new growth, and the new, improved YOU.

Plus, the Lion Gate’s purpose is to energetically re-calibrate, and re-align us to Source and our highest purpose.

The promise of the death card is that afterwards we will have renewal.

The rose in the Death Card indicates new life, love, beauty, purification and immortality.

The rising sun is improved conditions ahead.   A New dawn, a new day!

The Death card is ruled by Scorpio.

 It is numbered 13, (my 2nd favorite number) which is really a high level 4.

The 4 frequency is practicality, organization.  Plus,it is known to resonate with the energies of the Archangels.

 The number 13, is also sacred to the Goddess’ 13 moons, of the year. Perfect with the very feminine number 8!

Although August is the 8th month, but not every August will actually resonate to an 8 frequency,

Since we are in a 9 vibrational year (of compassionately releasing without fear… aka DEATH …) and the 9 always reflects the number back to itself,  (9+8=17/8) we have an 17/8 vibrational frequency for this month of August 2016.

  17/8 is AWESOME.


 The number 17 frequency brings gifts of spirit and good fortune.

In the Bible the number 17 symbolizes “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory.”

17 relates to The Star card in Tarot, and the Astrological sign of Aquarius. Insight, responsibility, spiritual consciousness, wisdom…

17 is agape love for all of humanity.

Notice that The Star Tarot Card almost always features an 8-pointed, Star of Venus.

That is not a coincidence.

What’s so GREAT about the EIGHT???


The number 8 is my ALL TIME FAVORITE number frequency …

The amazing Number 8 is about authority, power & success.

In The Bible, the 8 means Resurrection and Regeneration. (So Scorpio and the Tarot Death card!)


It is the number of a new beginning, or a new era.

The 8 is ALSO the number of the Goddess; the Eight pointed STAR— Venus -the highest feminine number.

8 is the feminine energy of openness, of ‘giving and receiving’.

The 8 is a figure of change, and perpetual motion. Giving/Receiving,  Karma, The Universal Laws of Cause & Effect…

8 is also the shape of the sacred Lemniscate featured in many Tarot cards such as the Strength card which is numbered 8 in the Major Arcana/ or Trumps.

The 8 is cosmically related to Saturn (karma & responsibility).

So you see how it easily relates to the Death card?

Be prepared for total change with the combined energies of the 8 frequency and the Death Tarot Card.

So …what comes, must go, and vice versa.

These energies represent the external and continuous spiral of perpetual motion which is the supreme signature of the Universe and all evolutionary cycles….

Oh did I mention that the number 8 is attributed to the Astrological sign of Scorpio?  Yeah Scorpio, that is in fact also represented by guess which card???

Yup, The DEATH Tarot Card!

Hello Spirit.  Thank you.  I pulled it back in January!

Okay, an also the the Strength Card. (So much resonance!)

The 8 is also associated with The North Node of the Moon  (our individual fate) and the Central Sun (victory, new life, success) ..THESE are precisely the major cosmic player in Lion’s gateway energy this month…

That means that our individual fates are tied to victory, new life, and success!

Gotta love that!

The 8 is also about the chakra system, so this is a great month to get them cleared and aligned. Use vibrational tuning, energy healing, or any healing modality of your preference.

The 8 energy brings success, good judgement & money.  manifesting wealth, abundance  and prosperity,

The 8 energy guarantees that we will flourish, gain mastery & wisdom,

This is “Master Energy’, with the added turbo boost of a powerful august star gateway ….

Pure awesomeness! Especially if you are working towards issues affecting all of humanity.

The Lions gateway is all about the collective and tying your destiny to success!

 Use  The new moon on the 2nd for setting intentions that bring you more personal, loving, or professional goals and better yet for collective empowerment,

This is the key month t get clear about unlocking love, success & abundance.

So to quote my own motto: “Give it out good so it comes back better! ”

Pay special attention to the culminating energies of the full moon of August 18th! By then the portal will be closed and we will be better able to perceive what areas have been affected by change.

The general energies of August 2016 will demand that we stand in our power, but we MUST use our power with integrity.

The advice from the Death Card, and the 17/8 vibration is all about being in flow with the changes of August, brought on by the choices we made  under the FOOL card of JULY -the energy that opened the portal.

You may think you didn’t choose anything, but that just means you CHOSE to leave things in the hands of others, or to the Universe.

Either way, you did choose.

You chose NOT to choose.  But it is still a choice. You will still be responsible for its energetic karmic vibration.

The Good news is that the transformations, we are, or have, or are about to experience, will lead to success and wishes being fulfilled…  through this process of “transition” … of this month’s Key the Death card (change), perfectly represented folks, and I pulled these cards back  in January.

So We may be forced to leave something behind, perhaps, a love, an old dream, a house, job, partnership, addictions, or attachments.

 Transitioning through this energetic portal,  a major life change, or event, will require Strength, and that we look to the STARS for guidance.

Fortunately, we have The Strength card, and the Star Card as awesome mentor cards and the 17/8 Vibration to support us…. it is quite a energetic cocktail mixer!

How awesome is Spirit?

However this manifests for us need strength and celestial insight to begin anew.




Have a beautiful month! 

Cosmic Blessings,

Lydia Elizabeth R.

Goddess Divine © 2016

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