July 2016

Welcome to July 2016  

We have a 7 Vibrational Month and the FOOL’S energy to help us navigate the energies of July 2016.




Numerology of 16/ 7: The 7 Vibration



This month is a 16/7 month. The 16/7  represents disruption.  The 7 represents completeness, it is a sacred number which combines the energy of God(3) and Man (4).


 This month’s disruptive energy may come from having to face obstacles, especially those we have attracted to ourselves.

The 16/7 energy will sweep away what is no longer needed, or good for us.

With the 16/7 energy we will come to a realization (illuminated with knowledge). We will become acutely aware of precisely what things, people, situations, or structures have to be abandoned so that our next life upgrade can commence.


This month may bring you closer to the Divine, and/or the the Spirit world, because the 7 is a gateway, or bridging number.  That means that we may experience more connection to GOD-SOURCE energy, as well as, the Angelic realm.  July 2016 has perfect energetic conditions for the expansion of psychic, or intuitive capabilities, so these will likely become much more heightened this month.

Tarot Card : The FOOL



The Fool is the most debated card in the Tarot.  It is numbered Zero/0, and represents unlimited potential.  The field of pure potentiality is accessible to us this month, and we are urged to take empowered action.

THE FOOL is a madman and a maverick.  He is completely guided by Spirit, and he follows his Higher Self to places unperceived by those around him, including his well-intentioned dog.

The FOOL reminds us that it is time to follow the road that leads to our purpose, and what we truly want for ourselves, regardless of what others want for us.  This month will show the way forward so that we may have a clearer view of the new path we now need to travel.  We may be completely unprepared, but such is the nature of this new level.  We are meant to begin the journey towards leaving behind, or dismantling outdated conventions, or rigid obstacles that have, until now, impeded our progress.


For July 2016, The Fool gives us impetus, and reminds us that we are free to make choices.  Carpe Diem! Make the most of the present time. Clearly choose what you truly want and go after it with fervor. Use the power of the NOW moment to create a new reality that is highly tuned to your highest good, and aligned to your soul’s purpose.


July 2016 Soul Coaching Videos




















Have a beautiful month! 

Cosmic Blessings,

Lydia Elizabeth R.

Goddess Divine © 2015 http://www.goddessdivinewisdom.com

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