May 2016

Happy May 2016!

 May always begins in the Earthy sign of Taurus and ends in Airy sign of Gemini.

The Numerology vibration of this month features the energy of the 5 frequency which is all about beneficial CHANGES.

In May we will be blessed with a Grand Earth Trine, and two major planets will go direct. Lord of Luck & Expansion -Jupiter will go direct on the 8th, and The Lord of Communication-Mercury will go direct on the 22nd.



May 2016 Numerology

As you know, 2016 resonates to a 9 year (2+0+1+6=9), and May is always the fifth month of the year, but this year it actually resonates to the 5 vibrational frequency. (9+5=14=5), so it is also a 5 vibrational month!  It is a double 5, so in essence it also resonates to an 10=1 which is all about leadership, and success!






May 2016   Key Dates

& Master Vibration Days



May 6- New Moon is an 11 Master Vibration Day.  It is the most PERFECT new moon for intending with our intuitive faculties, and still being grounded in reality.  This makes our dreams possible, and achievable.


May  9 -Venus sextiles Neptune and Auspicious Jupiter goes direct.  It is a yummy 5 frequency day. Changes may be felt, in a GOOD way!


May 10 –Venus trines JupiterIt is also a 6 frequency day.  Super  feel-good, delicious energies will keep us feeling high vibes.  Love is in the air, and all of the cosmos is on our side.


May 13 – Mercury conjuncts Venus while she trines Pluto.  It is a 9 day in a 9 year. 9 is the vibration which seeks to Release. What needs to go? Communicate it to yourself with LOVE.


May 14 -This day is  a continuation of the previous day but with the double 5/1-day vibration, so there is awesome potential for leadership, success & empowered, beneficial change.


May 21– Full Moon in Sagittarius- is an 8 day of abundance & success.   Reap the bounty and completions of all that you have manifested.

May 22– Sun opposes Mars the Task Master & Mercury finally goes Direct! This is another 9 day, in a 9 year.  This is about being comfortable with Releasing without fear.  Mercury  went retrograde on April 28, and will finally go direct on this day in the sign of Taurus. However, Mercury actually enters the Post-Shadow on June 7, so its effects will be felt into June.

May 24– Venus opposes Mars could mean Cosmic love squabbles, but this is also a magical 3 day, so breakup to makeup if necessary!

May 26– Jupiter squares Saturn- It is also a 4-day which will demand structure from you.  Be sure to meet deadlines, and honor your commitments so that you can enjoy yourself as well.

May 30 – Mercury trines Pluto, and it is another abundant, powerful & successful 8-day. End the month with deep connections to Self.  Your true purpose will align you to the kind of abundance that offers real happiness, and meaningful fulfillment.




May 2016 Tarot Card of the Month

The Moon

The Moon- is feminine, receptive, mysterious, sensual, sexual, artistic, and highly emotional.  It is attributed to the sign of Pisces, and rules its sister sign of Cancer.  The Moon’s archetypal underpinnings will support us by allowing us full use of our hidden attributes, and deep understanding.  Intuition, and imagination will activate and provide accurate insights, especially in our dreams.

Listen to your intuition. Your subconscious will be speaking to you in order to help you navigate the changes you may face this month, but try not to become attached. Stay balanced, and in alignment, or you may suffer from delusions of grandeur (falling in love with your own ideas), or delusions of despair (feeling unworthy) depending on where your energy frequency tends to be on the human emotional scale.  Staying centered will be easy with May’s luxurious Taurean energy which will feel grounding and calming.





May 2016 Astro-Tarot Videos

Remember to watch your Sun Sign, Rising Sign & Moon Sign to get a holistic understanding of this month’s energies. 

I wish you all a most beautiful and sacred month!

Love, light & cosmic blessings. ~Lydia ❤ @GoddessDivine Wisdom ©2016






















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