Happy April 2016


Happy April 2016!


 April 2016 is sure to be a fantastic month, filled with opportunities to build something of value  on a personal and/or professional level.

This month begins in Aries, and ends in Taurus.

The Tarot Card of the Month -The Magician- and the stable 4 frequency, which is the Numerology vibration of this month, will support us by providing the focus and vision to see, build and bring our cherished wishes, projects and dreams to completion in a very successful way.

This month’s mercury retrograde phase beginning on the 28th has the purpose of making us mindful of what we value most, and what we should be building towards.

This month ends with a sacred and powerful 33-Master Vibration day!



 April 2016 Numerology



As you know, 2016 resonates to a 9 year (2+0+1+6=9), and April is always the fourth month of the year, but this year it actually resonates to the 4 vibrational frequency: (9+4=13=4), so it is also a 4 vibrational month!

It is a double 4:    44 (that’s awesome angel numbers right there!) so in essence, it also resonates to an 8 which is all about abundance, success & power.

But you have to work it, and BUILD it!!!

That means that April 2016 is a super powerful month for accomplishing our tasks, and truly BUILDING towards our dreams, because energetically, the 4 vibration seeks to build solid FOUNDATIONS.

The 4-frequency of this month focuses on practical stability, structures and organization.

It is excellent energy for business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and organizers, and it may be quite a good month for politics. J

This month will demand structure and order on many levels.  That means getting your work completed by creating systemic approaches for meeting deadlines, and sticking to schedules.  This is a great month for planning, for strategizing, and seeding a new business, or initiating new life/artistic endeavors.

The pragmatic 4’s energies can also be overly structured, and could be misconstrued as aggressive, so choose your words and actions with care, and communicate with patience.

This is a month to successfully complete large initiatives, to organize, and revamp every aspect of your life, from decluttering, to getting your finances in order.  But more importantly, this is the month to start building on something for your future.  This can be a dream, a life purpose, anything that will require that you plan, and organize.




April 2016   Key Dates

& Master Vibration Days

April 4–  Is an 8-day and a 444 day!  The 8 frequency supports us successfully and summons abundance.  It is also a 4 day in the 4th month, that falls in a 4 vibration (444)!  Watch for signals, guidance, or messages that will help you build towards a new future.


April 7th there is a New Moon in Impetuous Aries; it is also an 11-day Master Vibration day!  (April 25th is also an 11 Master vibration day.)   Illumination and insights will help drive your dreams forward towards manifestation.  Use this energy to build on your dreams.

April 9 & April 27th are 4-days & 444 Days!!!   A 4-day provides us with the positive structures, and stability to work on our projects, in a 4th month, with a 4 vibration!  Watch for signals, guidance, or messages that will help you build towards a new future.

April 12 & April 30th are a 7-day vibration, all about the Collective consciousness, & Divine connection.

*April 18th and April 22nd are 4-days, a 22 Master Vibration & 444 days! Numerologically, these will be the most POWERFUL days of April 2016!!!  The 22-Master number is the most successful of all.  It is the Master Builder.  It creates in perfect stability. The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality. This day will carry massively supportive forces for us to utilize and bring about successful outcomes.

On April 22 there is also a Full Moon in watery Scorpio. Emotional Completions are possible with this energy.  Use the energy to help you connect with the heart of every situation.  Stay above the emotional waters by keeping an elevated perspective. Grounding in to the Earth’s stabilizing energy will help you dream and even desire, from a healthier, more detached perspective.


April 28 – May 22- Mercury goes Retrograde in the earth-sign of Taurus. Mercury enters the Pre-Shadow on April 14 and is last in the Post-Shadow on June 7 so its effects could be felt into June.  The usual suspects: computer glitches, mechanical failures, mental fogginess, and the dreaded miscommunication, are all highly possible during this and all Mercury retrogrades. In addition, many people report getting sick during a retrograde, as if the body is revisiting something.  As always, Mercury retrograde phase will effectively do its job, and thus, we will collectively be reviewing issues related to our personal stability, our comfort and security.  May 28 is a 5-vibration day which means the Mercury will begin retrograding on a day that seeks to challenge and change us.  During this retrograde we will notice what needs to go, and more so, what we still feel we need to acquire in order to feel secure, safe and stable.  These will be especially aspected as it pairs with this month’s “builder” energy.  Even if you have an epiphany during the retrograde, and you may, do wait until after June 7 to make any life altering, or highly important decisions to ensure they are in fact for your greatest good, and to the benefit of all.


*April 29 is a 33 Master Vibration. This is a blessed day.  The 33 Christed-frequency is powerful, highly creative and social, but also selfless, and tolerant.  It is a day of balanced energy, that is harmonious and seeks to serve beyond the needs of the self.  It is an excellent day to practice group centered religious offerings, preform sacred rituals, participate in group prayer, or even better, use transcendental meditation.  This energy will support our connection to others, bring us in close alignment with Source energy, our Higher Selves, Twin Flame, Beloveds, & Soul Family.  This is a gateway to remarkable personal and interpersonal insights



April 2016 Tarot

tarot 2

The Magician


The Magician is numbered 1 (one) in the Major Arcana. It is also known as the Magus, the Juggler, and the Illusionist. In primitive decks the Magician was regarded as a conjurer, or trickster of sorts; yet, the modern Magician has evolved and taken on the energy of a spiritual master, or shaman.

The Magician, much like the energy of a 4-vibrational frequency we will enjoy this month, teaches and learns.  His goal is the mastery of Self which emanates from the ability to identify, and properly utilize all the tools at our disposal.  His raw materials are fire, earth, water, air, and these are used in balance.  The Magician is often pointing both up and down, signaling the adage that as above, so below.

The Magician is attributed to the planet Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, and awareness.  Much like the God Hermes, his role is also of emissary.  “Energy sent forth.”    He is a magical messenger, a transmitter of ideas and inspiration brought to manifestation.  He is the conduit that bridges the elements and brings forth divine inspiration so that it can become manifest in reality.

When the Magician shows up in a reading it is about connectivity, logic, intellect, and the skill to use them.  It is a signal for us to be open to receive messages, ideas, guidance, which are necessary for our continued progress, or which will greatly help us in some way.  How committed are you to your goals?

The Magician taps into Wisdom, and uses his Will to manifest his words and ideas.  The Magician’s success comes through the application of empowered action; which requires talent and effort.  This is not a time to slack.  The Magician always heralds an exciting time, full of inspiration.

This month we will tap into creativity that will help us see a way towards successfully achieving our goals.  There may be some trial and error phase (Mercury retrograde) as we perfect our craft and find the right tools, but if we stay in awareness we will successfully manifest our ideas into reality.


Astro-Tarot Scopes for April 2016












Virgo 1















Remember to watch your Sun Sign, Rising Sign & Moon Sign to get a holistic understanding of this month’s energies. 

I wish you all a most beautiful and sacred month! Love, light & cosmic blessings. ~Lydia ❤ @GoddessDivine Wisdom ©2016

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