March 2016 Eclipses ~Goddess Soul Coaching

March 2016 Video



March Overview

This month begins with the Sun in Pisces, and ends with the Sun in Aries.  March 2016 promises to whirl us towards the advent of cyclic changes (The Wheel) at personal, planetary & cosmic levels.  It features two transformational Eclipses, and support from a creative, and magical 3-frequency.

“Comes in like a Lion, goes out like a Lamb.”~March Proverb.



Card for March 2016 ~ THE WHEEL


The Wheel is numbered 10 in the Major Arcana.  The 10-vibration frequency corresponds to a high-level 1 energy of leadership, courage and control, but via the 10’s cycle of endings and beginnings.  VERY appropriate to the Eclipse cycle we are entering upon this month!!!

“Fortune favors the brave.” ~Virgil, AENEID



The Wheel – Fortune, (La Rota Fortuna) is attributed to the planet Jupiter, and the element of Fire. It almost always augurs the incalculable element of LUCK, as it does not always have to be ‘good’.

Since March 2016 vibrates to the number 3, I chose to work with the Thoth deck, because its version of the Wheel has 3 figures: a Sworded Sphinx, Anubis, and Typhon, who represent the 3 forms of energy that govern the movement of phenomena in the Universe:  sulfur, mercury and salt.

The 3-figured Thoth Wheel also reminds me of the Hindu system of the 3 GUNAS: Satvas, Rajas and Tamas, which is a doctrine of continual change.

The Wheel tells of a reset to whatever is our present condition.  TIMING is the most important factor due to its CYCLIC nature. It heralds an imminent change.

The Wheel, is quite literally the concept of Fate.  Yet, we do have some measure of control, regardless of our fate, since by our own actions, (our own magic), we can certainly shape our destiny.

So, it is always important (especially this month!) to be in awareness of our personal cycles, as well as, world & cosmic cycles so that we can make changes that are in alignment with our highest good, and the highest good of all.

Visualize the Wheel and align yourself to the center spoke, as that is what stays fixed within the movement of the Wheel.  The center of the Wheel represents our alignment to Source/God/Higher Self.  It will instantly remind you that at a Soul level, all is always well.

“Follow thy fortune, careless where it lead thee,

The axle moveth not: attain thou that.” ~A.Crowley





March 2016 vibrates to a Magical, Creative & Expressive 3-frequency.  (3+9=12=3)


The 3-frequency is all about creative expression, fruitfulness, and magical happenstance.  Couple the 3 energy with 2 trans-formative eclipses, and we shall likely experience a stirring of inner & outer changes (Wheel) designed to propel us towards our true purpose, and help us lay the groundwork towards manifesting our long-held wishes.





March 2 is a 5-day (Movement & Change). Venus sextiles Uranus- Easy energy of this planetary energy makes it a fabulous day for a little goddess pampering, or to do things which will polish your personal image, enhance your outer appearance, inner-wellbeing; or, just to update your wardrobe, and personal surroundings.  Doing so, will also help to calm and dissipate the nervous energy of a 5-day.  Being extra peaceful, and patient will also go a long way. This day can also bring on a nice social vibe.  Flirtatious banter, and quick attractions are also highly favored.  So if you are single, or looking, get out there and work your mojo!



March 6 is a 9-day (Release without Fear) It is the first of three such 9-days in the month of March (3/6, 3/15, 3/24).  The Sun squares Saturn, and sextiles Pluto.  We may all experience jumpy energy, and we may notice irritability in ourselves and others due to the cosmic influences. Plus, the energy of a 9-day, within a 9 year, can bring things to a head in a very literal sense.  Abrupt endings, or regrettable conclusions could occur.  Tread with caution. Try not to make any important, or life-altering decisions on this day.



March 8 is a 11/2 Master Vibration Day. There is a New Moon in Aquarius & a Solar Eclipse in Pisces.  THIS is a Special Day!!!

First, it is a DOUBLE Numbered Day: 11 & 2!!!   (So is March 26th, when the Sun trines Mars)

11-day {Master Vibration}Day (Focused Intent & Spiritual Insight)


2-day (Balance, Cooperation & Keen Understanding).

Use these perfectly timed, Universal frequencies to help you navigate any painful realizations, and transformations that could likely emerge during this time.  Second, it is a Total Lunar Eclipse in spiritual Pisces, and a New Moon in new-agey Aquarius.  Add to this, that the Sun (in Pisces) will also be opposite Jupiter, and we have ourselves a powerful day for intending and manifesting that which truly feeds, and heals us at a deep level.

A Solar Eclipse always happens during a New Moon, so it means that the Sun conjuncts the Moon.  Like all New Moons, a Solar Eclipse signals the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle, but eclipses pack a punch.  They mean to transform your life.



new moon march eclipse




This March 8th Solar Eclipse is purposefully conjunct by the Constellation called Chiron; also known as the Wounded Healer.





Chiron’s influence will give meaning to those areas of your life that need healing.  According to Greek Mythology, Chiron was a Centaur, who is credited with bringing the science of astrology to humanity.  He is also likened to Jesus, because he used natural methods, herbs, and used his hands to heal, as well as, healing the spirits of people by facilitating their spiritual growth.   This particular eclipse relates to deep healing of the Self – be it physical, mental, spiritual, or at the soul level. Fortunately, we will also have the blessed influence of Jupiter to assist us in our healing.  Pluto’s influence will help you focus your will towards new, healthier goals.


Remember to tune into the 11-Master vibration to help you focus your intentions and bring on new spiritual insights. The 2-day frequency will also assist us to remember that everyone around us is also hurting and healing.  We are a nation, a planet in fact, filled with “walking wounded”.  The ‘walking wounded’ are people with deep unhealed hurts, issues, psychological scars and wounds that often hurt themselves and also hurt others.  They often lack a connection to Source/God.   This day’s 2-frequency supports our efforts at alignment, at maintaining balance, to work in cooperation, while also enhancing our understanding of Self through compassion for  ourSelves, and others.


March 23 is an 8-day (Power, Success & Opportunity), Full Moon in Virgo and there is a powerful Lunar Eclipse in Libra. This day’s 8-frequency is naturally results oriented. It helps us ground our energy, so that we can be laser-focused on where, how, and who can truly help us in completing important tasks, and achieving measurable results. The Sun (in Aries) is also conjunct mental, communicative Mercury and coupled with the Virgo Full Moon energy, we are able to sharpen our attention and tend to the details in our lives. The mercury/moon opposition will challenge our thinking and long-held beliefs, or even prejudices.  It is interesting to note that there will be a political debate in the U.S. on this day!



full moon march eclipse




The Lunar Eclipse falls in fair-minded Libra.   Lunar Eclipses always happen during a Full Moon.  Like all Full Moons, the Sun is opposite the Moon and serves to bring things to a culmination, or ending.  Lunar eclipses will be even more powerful during this 9-Year of releasing without fear.  In addition, this Lunar Eclipse in Libra will obviously help us focus on healing relationships, by bringing us much needed balance and fairness.

Lunar eclipses obscure the moon, thus, helping us regulate our emotional barometers to safer, healthier levels.  This Lunar Eclipse energy will also help to let go of the old, and fine-tune the new goals triggered by the New Moon/Solar Eclipse of March 8th.    Tuning into the 8-day frequency will bring us back to alignment with our goals, and help us FEEL and think FROM the new energy to be, -doing so will help us manifest from that powerful perspective of fullness, and completion.  The Lunar Eclipse energy also re-sets the 6-month count down to the next revision/eclipse cycle which will spiral back for us again in September.


More March Madness!!!

March 13th is a 7-day.  Daylight Savings begins- Spring Forward!

March 14th is an 8-day. Mercury squares Saturn.

March 15th is a 9-day, in a 9-year. Mercury sextiles Pluto and opposes Jupiter.

March 16th is a 1-day. Jupiter trines Pluto.

March 17th is another double number day!!! 11 &2!!! Master Vibrations!!! LUCK of the IRISH!!!

March 20th is 4-day. Equinoxes!!! Venus conjuncts Neptune.  The March Equinox ushers in Springtime here in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumnal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere of our Planet Gaia. March is all about Cycles!!! Resets, pruning away what no longer serves us, starting anew, creativity & growth!

March 23rd is an 8-day (see above for in-depth description) This day heralds the Risen Son/Sun. 3-days from death- to Resurrection! I love the way the numerology, astrology & Tarot are so perfectly aligned!!! ❤  ❤ ❤

March 24th is another  9-day, in a 9-year! Mercury trines Mars.

March 25th is a 1-day.  Saturn goes retrograde!!! Also, Venus opposes Jupiter, and squares Saturn.

March 26th is another double number day!  11 & 2!!!  Master vibrations!! Plus, the Sun trines Mars, and Venus sextiles Pluto.

March 29th is a 5-day.  Mercury trines Saturn.

March 30th is a 6-day. Mercury squares Pluto.

March  31st is a 7-day.  Mercury conjuncts Uranus.

Stay aligned to Source.  The Wheel will turn, yet, you will always find stillness & peace within the center.

Have a Beautiful Month! ❤ ❤ ❤

 In love, In joy, ~Lydia

©2016 Lydia R @Goddess Divine Wisdom


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