February 2016

FEBRUARY 2016 Video




The Tarot Card for February 2016 is The Sun.sun tarot

The Sun is numbered 19=1 vibration of leadership.  The Sun is considered the most auspicious card of the Tarot.  Its presence shines positive energy, and blessings of light.  The Sun Card is an affirmation that all is well, and augurs miraculous healing.  It often indicates when brilliant ideas, or achievements have been gained.  This card is like a cosmic YES to your questions, and heart’s desires.

Within my 2016 KEY for February, The Sun Card represents our Soul Essence in its most innocent form.  The presence of this card helps us to become more aligned with our true soul’s purpose on Earth. The Sun brings us personal fulfillment, personal insight, and illuminates our Consciousness.  However, The Sun is also an indicator of our sense of identify and how we think we are seen by others, so it brings up issues of Ego. This polarization will be a source of contention for most of us this month. Aligning to our Higher aspect of the Self will elevate our point of views, and bring on new perspectives.  The Sun always illuminates our new path.




The Numerology of February 2016 features February (2)   +  2016 (9) = 11

February 2016 vibrates to the number 11.

11-Master Vibration.

Once again we are presented with an opportunity to walk through the portal of manifestation toward the fulfillment of our highest, and truest expression here in 3d reality.  In 2016, (a 9 year), we must do so by letting go of what no longer serves our purpose.  February 2016 seems to begin the process by making us aware of what those things are. Make conscious choices ad stay in awareness.  Many crossroads, and challenges will be presented to us.  Know that these too are portals of manifestation. Choose wisely.







The Astrology of February 2016 features challenging energy that is meant to help us clear up emotional blocks, so that we may enjoy more creative expression, and Self-Love required to choose a path for ourselves that is authentic and let go of anything that no longer serves our highest and greatest good.


Feb 3 – (Is a 5 day- Movement &changes!)  Mars the planet of action, war, and leadership Sextiles Pluto the planet of deep transformation-  Drive, determination will energetically flavor the day, so that goals are reached by immersing yourself in tasks; this energy packs support Mars in Pluto provides us with access to our inner-most reserves of endurance and persistence.

Also on the 3rd, The Sun in Aquarius Sextiles Saturn the Task master planet of work, and life lessons. This energy will help us showcase our strong work ethic, and leadership skills, but also brilliantly temper any overt, boundary-pushing Aquarian energy in our communications, and help us express our ideas with more structure, and much needed conservatism.

Feb 5 (is a 7 day-Spiritual/Analytical energy) Venus conjuncts Pluto.  Venusian energy rules beauty, love, money, and sex. Plutonian energy is about transformation, regeneration and rebirth. This transit raises our need for affection at an intensely, deep level.  This is a powerful combination, and because Pluto, is slow moving, this influence will be felt for weeks.  Our need for love will plumb the depths and could awaken our needy shadow. This can be very good, if you are in a healthy self-relationship, but a very bad thing if you have any self-love issues, as both extremes will be reflected back to you via your intimate relationships with significant others.  Many will find themselves magnetically, and subconsciously attracting potential lovers.  Use the energy with integrity, otherwise, extremely difficult situations will be quick to arrive soon after.   Beware, this also breed negative, even stalker energy. Hence, abusers, and self-abusers could tend to find each other as if by fate.  However, if you are in a healthy relationship you may both experience heightened sexual experiences that can bring your relationship even closer.  For the more evolved types, the Aquarian energy, as well as the 7-Day Vibration which merges our Spiritual Self with the Analytical mind, provides the ultimate platform for giving and receiving love, without attachments, or heavy energetic ties.

Feb 6 (is an 8 day- Power/Success & Opportunity) Mental, communicative Mercury trines auspicious Jupiter to offer us lucky messages, and good news, but security oriented Venus squares rebellious Uranus’ need for pushing boundaries.  Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, so they are quick energies…we are in for fast moving, innovative communications within the Uranus-ruled month of Aquarius.

Feb 7 (is a 9 day in a 9 year: Compassionate & Releases without fear!) Venus Sextiles Mars brings confident and assertive energy for going after our goals, and desires.  We will feel this energy grounded into our bodies via our spinal energy centers, so try to meditate and move the energy from the bottom of your spine up towards your crown chakra.  Doing so will help us navigate the difficult energy will also be experiencing as the Sun squares Mars the same day, prompting egoist clashes, and challenges to our deep needs for love, security, and ideas by people we live, or work with.  Using the Venusian art of balance will help us to stay centered and avoid conflict. If warranted, we ae also supported by the 9-vibration so that we may compassionately release those people, or situations without fear.


Feb 8 (Is a1-day: Leadership energy!) New Moon in Aquarius …Set your innovative intentions for what you would like to manifest, but stay centered and aligned to source.  Given the energy of the month, thus far, keep in mind that we may all be experiencing polarizing emotions regarding love, and money, or issues of self-worth.  Try to stay centered and not get overly passionate, nor align to overly-opposing viewpoints, especially if we are still feeling affected by heaviness.  We may not feel it yet, but the previous intense energy is actually dissipating.

Feb 10 (Is a 3-day: Creative & Self-expressive) We get a much needed mood lifter, when Venus trines Jupiter   Good vibes, and high-level energy abounds during this beautiful transit fearing our two most prized celestial influences. Venus features love, money, beauty, and security, all these areas will get a boost of optimism. Jupiter’s influence is a much needed buoy from the deep, heavy energy of the beginning of February. Jupiter blesses, and expands everything it touches. This makes it a great day to spend with people you truly love, but socializing is favored now as well. Creative endeavors fare best, however, we should do whatever makes us self-express with joy: Shopping, doing yoga, meditation, travel, getting pampered, or beautifying ourselves, or our homes is also very well aspected by this transit.


Feb 13 (Is a 6-day: Balance & service) Mars sextiles Jupiter and the fun continues. This is an excellent day to tackle projects, or goals, because Jupiter’s lucky influence is sure to help us successfully complete them.

Feb 14 (Is a 7-day: Spiritual/Analytical energy) Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feb 22 (Is a 33-day: Master Vibration! Inner peace, Knowledge, & Accessing Wisdom) The culminating Full Moon in analytical Virgo will help us discern the progress we have made since the previous new moon of Feb 8.  New endeavors we began since that new moon can now be finalized, or tweaked. In addition, any tensions, crossroads, or challenging issues brought up by the previous planetary transits must be dealt with before the next new moon in March.

Feb 25 (Is a 9-day in a 9-year: Compassionate & Releases without fear!) Mercury sextiles Saturn, the task master, to bring a day of clear communication and favorable structures for setting goals, decluttering and getting organized.

Feb 26 (Is a 1-day: Leadership energy!) Mercury sextiles Innovative Uranus. This transit can help us express ourselves creatively, encounter unexpected events, or enjoy thought-provoking conversations which could lead you to exploring new ideas, or careers.


Feb 28 (Is a 3-day: Creative & Self-expressive) The Sun conjunct Neptune brings a heightened sense of empathy, intuition, and extra sensory anilities.  Try to avoid dramatic people, or negative, victim types as they will act like energetic vampires, and syphon your energy whether they mean to, or not.  Healthy boundaries keep you safe and protected within the bubble of your own cleared auric field.  Creative work that is also Spiritual will help us align to Source energy. Activities that bring our imagination to life helps us navigate this energy while also boosting our self-esteem.

Feb 29 (Is an 11-Master day, in an 11-Master month which opens a 22-day Master Builder Vibration! Strong Foundations & Achievement!) Venus sextiles Saturn brings us a need for other-ness and possibly deep partnership. It is a fitting closing for the very challenging energy of February where we are being asked to be decisive about building our future; our love-life, and or our work-life.  Many will have experienced crises that was at least partially initiated during the 2015 Eclipse season that ended with this month’s full moon.  Use its Virgonian powers of discernment to help us pinpoint our true path. This Master 22-day brings the power and structure to build something new. Any goals, or ideals that are aligned to our purpose can be transformed into tangible achievements.

Take advantage of the association of the planet of love, beauty and money with the planet of structure, order and hard work, and use it to make beautiful art, start creative endeavors, as well as, sound business, career, and/or investment plans.

Have a beautiful month! ❤

©Lydia @Goddess Divine, 2016.

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