January 2016 Astrology, Numerology & Tarot

Happy New Year 2016!!!

Welcome to 2016! Get ready for take-off…. this will absolutely prove to be a game changing year!

Both the Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot of 2016, beginning with January, is setting the stage for us to begin our transformational journey of fulfilling our Soul’s purpose.

Tarot for January 2016

January 2015 Tarot KEY Card is JUSTICE. ~11~

The Justice Card is attributed to the Sign of Libra, and ruled by Venus, and also exalted in Saturn.  Justice seeks to right any wrong doings do the Self this month.  Your right path is calling! This month the Justice card gifts you with the keys of  (self)Truth, Fairness & Balance.

In this -1- vibratory month of January , we are given the leadership energy, and vision to use the Justice’s card’s -11- frequency portal.  Entering on this journey of fair, and loving self-analysis will allow us to justifiably discern for ourselves what our true purpose, is as well as,  the true pros and cons of each structure we currently hold on to in our lives.

The 2016 -9- Vibratory Year will ask us to begin the process of determining (Justice’s Balance) what needs to be cut away, (Justice’s Sword) and which of these we need for our true life’s mission.

 Year 2016 Numerology

2016~vibrates to the frequency of 9.

Why is this important?

The Vibrational energy of The 9 seeks to END things… Keep this in mind all throughout this year, but especially during retrogrades (we have 4 instead of 3 this year) in January, as you use the energy of Capricorn to begin take an overview of 2015 and begin to plan, or seed 2016 …what needs to stay, and more importantly what needs t go? Discern, for yourself what new structures, practices, belief, or routines need to be set up, in order to be aligned with health, harmony & abundance, and which of these need to be let go of, or completely dismantled.

 January 2016 Numerology

January 2016 = 10=1 Vibrational energy of leadership, and impetus for getting things done…. It is fitting that we kicked off this new year 2016 with All planets in forward motion….

Buckle up beautiful Souls, as we are about to take off….

Destination: More of what your Soul Longs for.


January 2 – Mercury enters Aquarius, innovating our inner visions, and igniting our soul’s natural progression towards future possibilities. Meanwhile, the Sun is in Capricorn (Responsibilities) and the Quarter Moon is in Libra (Relationships). Hence, relationships of all types can feel strained, and taken on an overly structured tone. The Libra balance here is key for harmonizing the energy. 

Jan 3 –Mars enters Scorpio and intensity will reign, especially in relationships. Mars co-rules Scorpio (with Pluto) so wherever Scorpio resides in our natal chart will be significantly affected by this intensity and drive. Sexual, and Kundalini-type issues may be dragged into the forefront of our lives, and passions of all kinds can be awakened. Use this energy wisely. The energy, and spirit of Mars in Scorpio is a super-power-like force to be reckoned with, as it is not only indomitable, and audacious, but is oftentimes psychic, or ultra-intuitive. This powerful combination will help us achieve our goals with resolute, strong-willed, and commonly secretive energy. Again, use this powerful energy with absolute integrity! 

January 5- Mercury turns retrograde, for twenty-day stretchWe have 4 Mercury Retrogrades in 2016 (instead of the normal 3!). The Universe has graced us with 4 opportunities to go back, reevaluate and revisit ourselves, thus far. Rather than lament, or fear the retrograding energy, we should use these cosmic archetypal influences to hopefully realign with our true, and highest purpose; and then plan and set our intentions accordingly. The goals we set in 2016 must vibrate to higher levels than ever before. Instead of intending to manifest a certain job or relationship, set intentions for that which is more aligned to soul purpose; and which gratifyingly fulfills our missions in this planetary existence. In essence, intending and manifesting from this higher perspective will provide increased health, harmony, peace, love as well as, the creature comforts we need, and desire for ourselves, and others. We must dream it, see it, and plant the seeds now so that they may come to fruition later this year.

Mercury will also be squaring Neptune. Confusion and miscommunication could muddle our dealings with others, as well as, our day-to-day routines. Fuzzy Neptunian energy could cloud our ability to recognize our true intentions with regard to relationships, and career goals. However, the retrograde period will provide ample opportunity for achieving clarification via mediation, and self-reflection, both of which can lead toward innovative insights.

 January 9- Venus and Saturn will conjunct. This coupling could bring about feelings of self-doubt, especially during a Mercury retrograde. Using self-worth affirmations and meditations will help minimize these effects and help us better manage issues, or situations which could affect our self-esteem. (Treat yourself extra kindly during this time with tons of yummy self-love!)

 January 10-New Moon is in Capricorn and squares Uranus, but also trines Jupiter. Some of us may experience issues with authority. Tension and possible disagreements may also arise. However, Jupiter’s benefic influence will be there to help us keep our light shining, and assist us in rising above any tense situations.

 January 18– Mars trines Neptune helping us to manifest our dreams by taking decisive action towards our goals.

January 20– The Sun enters Aquarius giving us a much needed lift in our spirits and dissipating heavy, or overly-clingy energies. The cooler vibe of Aquarius encourages us to be more open and socially minded, with some much needed detachment from any melodramas. Adventure calls us towards taking healthy risks, and exploring new, or exciting opportunities. Aquarius energy is also highly supportive of our Higher-Self planetary missions.

January 23-Jupiter links up with the North Node for the first of three more of such unions. These conjunctions are significant for us to use in applying what we have learned thus far. Although there is also an opposition with Chiron, the wounded healer, it is actually an invitation to work on our deepest hurts so that we may do the important work of healing those parts of the wounded Self. Jupiter’s energy is a blessing from the Divine which will help us successfully heal if we are able to say positive and keep our frequency at the level of LOVE.

In addition, Venus will be in Capricorn and most of us will find that we will also crave structure and security. This energy is excellent for discerning what in our lives truly brings us feelings of safety, and security, and what structures, people, or situations we actually do need in order to promote these for ourselves at this time. Conversely, this energy will also serve to efficiently flush out those things we are holding on to that are superfluous, unrealistic, nor keep us safe, or secure, and which still need purging from our lives.

January 24– Full Moon in Leo is an opportunity to reassess our feelings of self-worth which came up earlier in the month. However, the challenge will be to maintain healthy boundaries, and healthy feelings of self-worth without crossing over into egocentrism. Balance is key, again!

January 25– Mercury goes direct! We are once again free to unbuckle our seatbelts and move about the cabin, but move slowly, apply what you have learned, and proceed with determined caution.

January 29- Jupiter once again conjuncts with the North Node. This benefic is blessing us with beautiful energy to manifest your heart-centered goals. This energy feels great, because we are truly graced with a smooth landing towards February.

KEEP IN MIND….. We have entered into a 9 year which seeks to end things that do not serve our highest purpose, and we fittingly begin this process in a 1 vibrational month which seeks to lead us towards our journey of letting these things go! Have a beautiful month!

Wishing you abundant blessings in 2016!!! ❤ xoxox

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