February 2015 KEY for Divine Messages: THE HIGH PRIESTESS

Dear friends,

This month’s KEY is the number two in the Major Arcana : The High Priestess.


Because of her association with the moon, she is the quintessential Goddess of water, of the emotional world, including our inner dream world, as well as The Ultimate Crone  (Wise Woman) Archetype energy. In past societies, the wise crone, was respected, and even revered.

The TWO’s energy always brings you, and something else in.  Here, as a high-level 2, there is a sense of partnership, which is two-fold, of course!  It is a magical, mystical marriage of your true self, and the Divine.  There is also, the blending of your own gifts, with those of others who the Divine brings into your conscious awareness for a myriad of reasons, and lessons.


During this time, Create your own space, and your own luck.  Stand in your own truth.  Be your own best guru. Distinguish what wishes serve you now, and what fears need to be purged.  It is all within you.

This energy inspires us to ground, and go within to seek, and reap our own deep, inner wisdom, and utilize these gifts to enhance our own lives, and those of others. Keep your own good counsel, and yet find others to SHARE your insights with as well.  The TWO brings rewards when we can achieve this level of mastery in harmony.

Ancient hidden wisdom awaits…



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