Energetic Messages for July 2014

Trust that the Key of Divine Justice is activated now for us in July. Things get righted in our favor! Use the Empress’ abundant energy to summon forth the magical blessings that are due to you this month. ❤

2 thoughts on “Energetic Messages for July 2014

  1. Enjoy watching your readings as I have been in a bad place. So bad I had enough of life! Sun & Mercury in Gemini, your sister sign and my moon sign is Libra. The thing with this “Win Win” thing, I still never get anything anyway 😦

    • Hello air sister… I find that the thing about the win-win is you must absolutely give up the need to control. Even within the attempt to find a the win-win, I find that most people are actually still playing a power game. The win-win is not a strategy, as much as it is an accepting and loving of the situation, just is enough to let go and allow room to find common ground. It takes practice, and every situation will test you, but the end result is beyond extraordinary sense of peace and true integral power.
      I wish you much luck, peace and continued wisdom on your journey.

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