The Alchemy of Emotional Intelligence

This week’s reading asks us to vigorously challenge ourselves by finding lessons within every situation and thus, bring in more harmonious states of Being into our everyday lives.

Although we my have already experienced an AWAKENING, many are still living with personal denials which are commonly fraught with inner contradictions. The Alchemy card has shown itself so that we may truly perceive and begin to work with the catalytic properties within every pesky situation in our lives!

Being honest with oneself, while accepting the now moment and taking action steps which summon the aid of our Higher Selves, calls upon great power in overcoming these scenarios.

The energy that is emitted from emotions, words & feelings is now more important than ever for humanity. Hence, working with Emotional Intelligence (Queen of Cups) allows these lessons to become the useful tools they are meant to be for us at this time of change, because it is via this energetic grid that we are able to activate the process of Alchemy and bring about contentment, joy and happiness into our lives (9 of Cups).

Many of us who are experiencing rapid Ascension now have the ability to bring key lessons into awareness and alchemize them almost instantaneously. It’s as if the Karmic cycle has sped up exponentially. This is true emotional intelligence; where nothing that happens around us can affect us within. When you live in this flow of acceptance, gratitude and access the Higher Self for guidance and resolution, life indeed becomes magical!!!

Divine Love & Cosmic Blessings,


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