Q& A on ~KARMA~



Hello everyone!

I’m sharing a Question I received from ‘Linda’ (on Facebook) about Karma:    

Q: I’m very interested in your Karma -Life Path reading, but I’m also torn.  I feel drawn to this reading as if I know that it can help me remember something, but then my brain hesitates, because I keep reading conflicting information.

So my questions is, Why would I need a karmic reading, when I heard that we (humans) are now being born without karma in order to help us with the ascension that must take place?

A:  Hello Linda. Namaste.

Thank you for your excellent question.  Let me begin by stating that All Souls have Karma, (here) -one way or another.

Although I’ve also heard and read this information going around that there are souls that are born free of Karma, I must tell you that it has never resonated with my Soul as truth. 

Thus, I have sought guidance and clarification on this issue from my Team of Wise Guardians (angles, guides, and ancestors, perhaps, who I can perceive and hear at times and whose purpose in my life seems to be to lovingly guard and guide me and all who seek guidance.)  

I now understand that although some newer souls may in fact have been born free of karmic debt, either because they are special emissary Starseeds, or interdimensional beings here  with a specific mission, these are very few among us.  The rest of us mere mortals, the majority, MUST have karmic issues to work out… 

… in this lifetime.

I say in this lifetime, because I’ve also been shown that we are now working through karmic energy at a more accelerated rate than ever before in human evolution. 

We are doing much work in little time and (brilliantly) doing so without the need for multiple incarnations, ie,  living many lives.   

This is precisely why Karmic readings (such as the Malkuthian Keys Life Path reading, which can pinpoint and map-out your progress to date), are ever more important to the souls currently on this planet.

The reading works by an energetic linking of the cards with your Higher Self: that part of YOU which KNOWS what your soul came here to do, and still may need to learn.  The reading can then identify the KEYS which will aid in your soul’s energetic progression -aka ascension.   

In fact, it is important to note that our life paths are dependent upon our learning these karmic lessons… AND it is the only way for us to reach the state of ascension you speak of. 

This is a clouded subject because our knowledge of Karma is limited in that it is still encapsulated in its Vedic roots. However, Karma has a bigger role to play, IMO.   Karma for me is no longer an accurate word for this Universal  law/force, or what have you, but due to a lack of a better word, I continue to utilize it for the purpose of the reading’s analyses and results.  

As the Vedics so brilliantly perceived, Karma is acquired and transferred via our energetic bodies.  So  in a sense, Karma is a force of nature, created as a balancer of sorts, but more important for our PRESENT reality is its role of TEACHER for the SOUL.  It is this teacher’s job to assign lessons, preordained by the Soul prior to incarnating, that will help us with our Spiritual progression-….our ascension.

These lessons are considered Karmic, in that they affect our Life Purpose and our path while we are incarnated here.  And the exciting part is that it must all happen NOW, in this lifetime.

Lucky for you, there is no need to navigate this alone.  That is the beauty and Divine gift of my reading, as it Lights the way and shows us our path.  It is a gift from the Universe, from ourselves, as we are the IAM that is the Universe, to ourselves. ( I could go on, lol  but I won’t! )

This is the reason everyone benefits from a MAlkuthian Keys Life Path reading. 

Even the Souls who supposedly lack ‘karma’, benefit greatly, because a karma-free soul would still be subject to the karmic process and laws while incarnated here… its part of the way that the universe operates, and IT doesn’t suspend this, ever.   

Hence, even these Karma-free soul babies would begin accumulating Karma the minute they whacked a sibling over the head with a toy!  I’m obviously over-simplifying here, but I just want to get my point across. :: wink::   See, I believe that  even a karma-less Soul would quickly begin to acquire karma while being embodied on Earth.  That said, the gift is that a karmic reading such as mine would link them directly to their Higher Self, which would help them stay on course with their life path without the need for heavy soul lessons.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  As As I stated earlier, All Souls have Karma here, -one way or another.  My Malkuthian Keys Life Path Spreads reads the energetic information stored by the Higher Self.  Thus, we instantly gain access to the Life Path imprint; -that code which we have all forgotten when we incarnated. 

Lately I’ve experienced an increase in the volume of these readings.  I can tell that people are awakening and they KNOW that they KNOW, but need to get access to it all somehow! Hahaha it‘s pretty amazing actually!  

Now is the time for this gift to be employed in order for all awakening Souls to identify, understand and accept the lessons needed at this time in order to successfully ascend their energetic frequency.

I hope this answers your question! Much love-light and blessings!


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