Hurricanes, Fires &The Power of our WORDs

I’m hyper-sensitive to words nowadays. 

Has anyone else noticed a link, a phenomena of sorts with regard to words and the events that become manifest? I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I AM very much an energy junkie  in every sense.  As much as I consume electricity to power up my devices, I’M also extremely aware of the type of vibrational energy I AM(collectively) emitting into the Universe.  

The power of the weather has been a popular topic even before a hurricane came by here two nights ago.   I wonder, has it always been like this?  I’m no spring chicken, so as far as I can tell, no.   

 Nevertheless, I did all the right things to prepare for the storm of the century, which seems to be occurring every year, or two.





Yep- check, check, check, check.  We have everything to make it through days without the modern conveniences that  are powered by electricity. 

So yes, I’m in New Jersey; I’ve lived through a serious hurricane and we haven’t electricity in our home ….yet.  That is my truth, regardless of how many times TV news anchors say things like  “loss of power, or no power”, those words are not for me.  I’m uncomfortable looking at those words appearing here as I type them in this space, because I know how they can easily become implanted into the collective psyche and later manifest in another aspect and dimension of our lives.   

My own power and that of the collective is intact and extremely energized.  Thank you very much.

As a source being, I know that my word has power and as such I use it for my benefit and for the good of all.  Thus, I refuse to say things that rob me, or anyone of our powerful divine essence. 

I can’t help but marvel at how amazing is it that the predetermined name for this hurricane was Sandy and viola! as if on cue, the storm left an incredibly sandy mess within its violent wake! That is the power of the word at its most remarkable.

I’ve also began noticing a correlation between instances of wildfires and the (many) songs that featured the word FIRE in their lyrics. One in particular was extremely popular and frighteningly became true during this hurricane. I watched as the storm seemed to “set fire to the rain” and so many homes have burned to the ground across 3 states.

Perhaps we couldn’t stop hurricanes and fires from erupting, (or perhaps we can?) but perhaps we can use our power to help them be less traumatic for everyone. Let us try!  

As I type this within earshot of  the roar of our generator and its toxic gasoline fumes, there are fires still burning in coastal Connecticut and southern New Jersey and many people still needing to be evacuated from their decimated homes. I send them all healing energies of love and  light. I see them safe and protected.  I know that regardless of our 3d-4d dramas, all will be well and in divine right order.        

Be empowered by the conscious AWARENESS of your words & thoughts and Make use of them.

Be especially conscious of the words and feelings you emit when you SING popular songs by being uber-aware of their intent.  I realize  it’s not practical, nor possible, (for parents especially), to avoid all popular songs all the time.  But you can empower them to help yourself and others. When you like a song, or melody, but don’t love all the lyrics, simply change them to positive words and sing them with feeling. 

It works.  That is power! Use it wisely and for the collective good.


2 thoughts on “Hurricanes, Fires &The Power of our WORDs

  1. Oh Lydia — I am so glad to hear you survived Sandy and have been sending you lots of light and love! Keep shining your bright beacon of light inspiring others to stay positive and grateful even through all the uncomfortable and challenging circumstances — continue to “rise up” and focus only on the positive victories and celebrate the good deeds of love and generosity of those who step up to help. May you be wrapped in light and love by your angels and filled with love, hope and joy – always aware you are safe and loved.

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