Miracles & Magic Realism


Today I read another random phrase about God and miracles.  It read “there is nothing impossible to God”. 

Memories of my childhood and how I viewed this statement were immediately summoned to my conscious brain.  I had visions of a Human-looking magical older man (our mainstream westernized image of God) sending out waves of energy that produced great miracles among “his” people on earth. 

My journey through life has granted me the gift of awareness and even a little wisdom, so today the childish image I had once held sacred has evolved to include a wider understanding and a whole-listic view that is inclusive of all living creations within our Universe and possibly beyond.  Instead of an older man with a bearded, benevolent face who occasionally becomes enraged and throws people into a pit of fire, I now envision a vast Universal Source of pure loving light; a Spiritual Energy that is shapeless and ever-lasting. 

As I have progressed on my spiritual path, I have not only come to the understanding that god is not a human-like puppeteer up in the ethers looking over us,  but that he also doesn’t play favorites; and is not even a “he” because in higher dimensions duality and gender do not exist.   So for me, this God/energy is all things merged: light/dark, ying/yang, male/female, it is not split, it lacks nothing, and thus it is perfect.  IT is our complete, perfect Source of Loving-Spiritual-Creative Energy.  Hence, IT is not smiling at our good deeds, or frowning at our mistakes, because it is not subject to human traits, nor third dimensional dualism.  The only function IT truly has is to CREATE without judgmental concerns, or restrictions. 

This is such a freeing concept; it deeply resonates with my inner knowing, and gives rise to the highest vibrational creative energy.  I call IT pure love.

Now that I am awake to the realization that I was not born of sin, and thus not inherently evil as previously told, I can accept my own perfection, my own stake in this divinity within the creative universe I inhabit. 

I’ve come to understand that my spirit-self is a perfect creation capable of all that my creator has accomplished and quite possibly more. Retired Bishop John Selby Spong said in an interview that the divine (god) is unfolding and ever expanding through our humanity.  I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.   I AM an extension of this energy source and the divine is able to unfold and experience itself in form, in life, through me, every day. Thus, I am a co-creator with the Divine Source of all there is. 

Now back to the statement of miracles, and how nothing is impossible to God.  I believe this to be true, to a degree, but the statements alone are hollow and fail to include the importance of the human quotient within the divine formula.

How I see it, the Divine sends messages through our human intuition and many of us are now becoming channels for the divine more easily and with less fear than ever in human history.  (Many more have no idea that they can actually do this without their conscious awareness.)  When we receive messages as a collective it sparks the inspiration that will begin the process, or weave the divine web if you will, that will set into motion all that has to occur for  anything, even a miracle to become manifest. 

This implies that we are living, energetically advanced parts of any manifestation process. We ARE part of the miracles, and everything that happens on our planet.  This is why it is important for us to heed our intuitive guidance and creative hunches, as this allows and helps the manifestation of our goals, dreams and yes, even “god’s miracles” to occur by way of synchronistic events and situations which are orchestrated by our collective consciousness.

God can move mountains, absolutely, but in this dimension it can only happen through us, so humans are guided, moved, and ultimately used to build the machines that do just that.

We are the magic wand that allows for someone to have a miraculous outcome through pockets of synchronistic events that appear as if by magic, but that in truth are parts of a vast web of energetic flow initiated by a being’s intent via the subconscious. Think of it this way, at some point someone needed this miracle and either prayed, or sent the intent out into the universe.  That payer, that intent is the creative energy seed that begins the process that will eventually manifest as a miraculous event, or situation that is somehow beneficial, or attractive to that person. 

We are all connected and the divine must use all of us to grant wishes without prejudice. Knowing this, we must always be positively aligned to the highest vibrational energies available to us so that what we collectively manifest turns out to be for the good of all.   Our intent is strong enough energetically to garner a powerful response from the universe.  There are many fundamental universal laws being employed here like the law of attraction, but simply stated we are the channels by which the divine creates.  As I said, we are co-creators with the divine, but because we employ free-will through the lizard-brain that houses our ego, we also shoulder all the responsibility for the direction which our manifestations ultimately take.   

The next time you see that phrase, “There is nothing impossible to God”, know that you are an integral part of this process. Know inherently, that the magic of a miracle cannot unfold without you.  Stay aware of your thoughts and send positive light-filled energy out into our planet. Ask for a planetary miracle and see it manifest.

That’s what I call true magic realism.


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