Of Wisdom & Branches

My favorite tree lives in my backyard.  She’s 15 years young with perfectly plum leaves for superb shade in the afternoon’s rays.

How nice to sit and meditate underneath this beauty.  She who remains silent, yet graciously allowed me to hang a wind-chime from her robust branches.

I naturally asked her permission of course, but upon a flash of insight I heard myself say,  ‘I have a gift for you gorgeous’.   She graciously accepts and returns the gift each day with cascades of sweet serenades.

Since my awakening her presence stirs all that is alive  within me. I’ve learned much from this pretty lady.

Today’s lesson arrived as I watched her sway in the breezy afternoon. My heart caught sight of how wonderfully light and dark play in her leaves and bristly branches.  Both so obviously necessary and pleasing in their respective qualities.

If she were to shun one over the other, the effect would not be the same. ‘Ah yes, dear one we need both’, she seems to say.

I heart that.  I do.


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