It’s not stress, it’s Karma

Karma is Life!  Like everything else in this universe and especially in this 3rd dimensional plane we inhabit, karma is energy.  Every thought, word, action, deed, or motivation, seen, or unseen have weaved together to form our karmic patterns.  Throughout my years in divination I have come to realize that all negative energy, including our everyday stressors, are rooted in karmic debt.  In fact, I have yet to meet a client whose “stress” was not directly, or indirectly caused by their karmic issues and imbalances. The good news is that karmic threads are flexible and like the laws of cause and effect, can be redirected and/or eradicated by our awareness and spiritual intervention. ~Namaste

7 thoughts on “It’s not stress, it’s Karma

  1. Hi Lydia!! I would like to ask you some questions on destiny and how much we can control it. Please give me an email where I can write to you.
    Greetings from Ecuador 😀

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