The Necessity of Emptiness

The emptiness you may presently feel is helping you reconnect to aspects of your nature that you have kept repressed for some time. Let go of all the distractions that surround you at present and bring your awareness within. In the empty spaces of your solitude you will find a hidden treasure. This is a period of profound self-discovery, you need only listen to the whispers inside your heart. Ask yourself what it is you truely want from life and remember that when it comes to matters of the heart, there is no right or wrong. Every choice you make leads to an outcome which is necessary for you to grow in love and wisdom. You will emerge from this phase with a clearer direction for your life. As a result of this, some of your relationships are likely to go through major changes. Relationships that no longer serve you may come to an end while others become stronger and more meaningful. Trust the inner guidance you receive!

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