Angelic Surrender

Today I was introduced to the angel Zacharael.   This is the angel of SURRENDER.  Ok, I’ll admit that the word alone summons resistance from every cell within my physical being. However, my logically based fear softened once I became more acquainted with this angel’s lesson and hence, gift.

Zacharael means “remembrance of God”.  Although surrendering to anything may seem frightening to me, this angel’s lesson (simply defined) implied that to surrender to the DIVINE brings a remembrance that will open a deep connection to my eternal-self.

I’m an avid meditator, so now he has my attention.  Why didn’t he say that in the first place?

The eternal-self is the gateway. The surrendering part is necessary in order for the spirit to breach the mind-trap and get into the super-conscious and pierce the Eternal-Self, whom by the way is the key that will unlock Zacharael’s gift.

Your eternal-self knows your true path and purpose, thus, the gift is that it shall  lead you (yes, I am projecting here) towards EVERYTHING for which your soul truly hungers.

How Divine.    ~Namaste

2 thoughts on “Angelic Surrender

  1. This is an interesting thought and one which I’ve been working on the last few months. I know I’m hungering and looking for something. So you believe surrendering is the key to finding it?

    • Hi yes, I do think that the angel’s message of letting go in order to allow the Universe to work for us is extremely necessary. When I’m hungering for something, but I’m unsure what it is, (this is very normal) I sit with my feelings and take them apart while in meditation. I also set the intention that what I truly need will manifest. I know that it will by visulaizing myself fully satisfied. I take action when I feel guided by intuition, or coincidences and thus leave myself open to surprises and uber-critical synchronistic events. I think we all hold keys to unlock our personal insights and epiphanies, but in a very generalized sense, our not being rigidly attached to outcomes is extemely critical. This inlcudes not trying to manage, or control the steps of how the desired outcomes will utimately manifest because doing so will curtail the process (for me) altogether. It takes patience, practice and tons of faith. ~Namaste

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