September 2016

Hello again Divine souls!

Welcome to September 2016 …Hope you are ready!

As you may, or may not know, every January I pull Major Arcana Tarot cards that serve as KEYS for each month of the year.

This month’s card is The SUN.




The SUN Tarot card Makes perfect sense following the Lion’s Gateway, and in anticipation of this month’s forward march into Eclipse Season.


The Sun is numbered 19/1 .

This is the Trump that symbolizes pure joy, enlightenment,





and feelings of achievement.

The Sun is about centering into a child-like wonder that is about YOU

and you alone.

It is about the naked truth.

It can be ego-centric, yes, but its genuine soul-infused purity keeps it from being narcissistic.

This is about self-empowerment, and enjoying life.

The Sun is the birth of your Self;

it is YOUR light shining forth,

through you,

towards everything else.

Its appearance in a tarot spread reminds you of a simple, but powerful truth:

It is all within you.  Always has.  Always will.

This is about staying centered

and aligned to Source.

There is no thinking here!

 –notice an absence of swords in the Connelly Tarot deck rendition–

sun 2

Love the alchemy symbolism!!!

This is life-affirming,



intuitive intelligence here…

which is about sensing and connecting with your DIVINITY.

Your sovereignty,

Your power.




The SUN Tarot card is the state we can achieve by not being distracted with the rabbit holes,

and labyrinths of the World;

or its media,

its politics,

nor its myriad of conspiracies.

The World is OF itself.  Let it be. Be only YOU instead. 

Stay aligned.

Everything is within.

The only truth is your LIGHT.

Your own light is your path,

your journey,

your guidance

and your salvation.

This is your magic,

and how you create your own destiny.

This is not selfish;

this is Self-Awareness…

in the most highly positive,

and DIVINE sense.

The Sun Card IS  the most beneficial card

and blessing we could hope for in order to help us navigate the astro-energetic tidal wave

that will be September 2016.

Every September kicks off our annual autumnal Eclipse season.

This year’s eclipses are tied to the 2016/9 vibrational year, which urges that we compassionately release everything that is no longer serving us

without fear.

The energy has been intensifying since July.

July initiated the need to make major choices.

The August, ‘Lions Gateway’ intensified our need for major change,

and a need to progress,

and tied that all to the collective consciousness.


Yes, but….

This month we are back to working on our personal development,

and aligning deeper into our true path.

Our soul’s intended journey begins for a number of beneficial reasons….


Numer-o-logically, it is a 9 month within a 9 vibrational year.

We are meant to learn how to be self-compassionate,

while mastering our ability to release without the fear that holds us back from embarking on our true soul’s purpose.






The Sun card, (which I pulled back in January!!!)  is our blessing.

It is our advice from Spirit so that we can successfully,

and effectively manage, learn and complete this extremely difficult (collective) life lesson.

The Astrology of September 2016

On September 1st-  (I go back to work in an entirely new setting… lol) We have a Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Virgo. Critically seed your most heartfelt intentions.

This is another opportunity for aligning yourself with the

possibility to make quantum leaps of progress towards new plans,

and future endeavors.

This solar eclipse energy will light up all new areas of potential opportunity!


On September 9th Jupiter & Venus both move into Libra, giving us a joyful lift wherever Libra lives in our birth charts.

Jupiter will stay in Libra until mid-October, 2017!!!

Another September Bonus is that the troublesome Saturn/Neptune square reaches its peak on the 10th,

but after the 10th its energy will begin to dissipate;

gifting us with a greater sense of mobility.

On September 16th there is a Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Pisces…

allowing us greater depth,

and insights which will illuminate our path.

Eclipse energies are powerful.

We will be able to see the early signs of how our Virgo New Moon/Solar eclipse intentions have started to become manifest.

Do you like what you co-created?

No worries!

This energy will helps us visualize the next right steps.






Mercury has been retrograding since August 30th,  so its energy will be felt through September 22nd.  

It is another opportunity to revisit and revise our plans and strategies for success.

Also on the 22nd, the Sun enters the sign of Libra -giving us yet another chance to revisit opportunities we may have missed prior to the Lion’s Gateway.

And… on the 26th, the Sun, also aligns with Jupiter in Libra.

This is a sacred  7-day vibration that aligns us directly with source energy.

Perfect day to reflect,

tune in,

do an intense vibe check,

and Channel guidance from Source!!!

On the 31st, the last day of September, there is a phenomenal New Moon on the 8th degree of Libra. Mercury also enters Libra on that same day.

So where is Libra sitting in your birth chart?  ‘Cause it’s gonna to get LIT!

Looking ahead to the energy of October which features the Devil (aka The Materialism card),

with Jupiter…

I can see why there is lots of hope for expansion, building success, money, luck & love…

And with the Devil Card as the October influence…

perhaps we will be experiencing too much of a good thing?

Hmmm …..

Have a beautiful month!

Lydia Elizabeth R @goddessdivinewisdom

© 2016

 September 2016

Astro-Tarot-Numerology Playlist

13 Videos 





August 2016 is going to be a game a game changer!

Featuring The highly anticipated 888 Lion’s Gate Portal .

This Star Portal opened a few days ago on July 26th  under the influence of the FOOL Tarot KEY.


{Every January I pull Major Arcana card mentors from the Tarot which serve as KEYS for each month of the year.

Each KEY is energetically charged to help us unlock our highest potential for happiness, love, and success.}

Remember that the FOOL is all about a major CHOICE- New Beginnings and new journeys.

But that was then…

Now it is all about August! Especially the beginning of August ….a true window of Light and Opportunity. A magical, Cosmic-Sun powered Gateway to the 6th and 7th Dimension. Yes, this is Ascended Mastership. We have access to a New Spiral of energies that align us directly to the Divine Cosmic Heart.

The portal’s most potent day is on Aug 8, or 8/8   -the 8th month, the eight day, within an 8 vibrational frequency  month.

The portal remains open until Aug 11  and closes on the 12th of August.

Energies of August 2016 will help us move forward with our spiritual, and personal goals, and aspirations.

This month’s KEY ADVICE card is


Dun dun dun… no worries.  It’s all good!




Some of you may question, how can the Death Card be a good advice card?

The Death Card is actually an extremely beautiful mentor that teaches us about life cycles, and the need for endings, a MAJOR change, and DEEP TRANSFORMATION in important areas of our lives. ……

So it is actually a most perfect KEY advice tarot card for August 2016!

The Death Card Symbolizes the need for a complete ending, a renewal, or better yet, a TRANSITION.

Some of us may have had this happen already;

many are actually in the midst of experiencing it;

while others are about to feel it… soon.

Transitioning can be experienced on many levels, and can go from easy to even harsh.

The end result is meant to bring on a a total transformation!

Like the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly!

With the Lions Gate energies, it may require a radical change, a letting go, a cutting away, or pruning away, of what is no longer useful. Paving the way for new growth, and the new, improved YOU.

Plus, the Lion Gate’s purpose is to energetically re-calibrate, and re-align us to Source and our highest purpose.

The promise of the death card is that afterwards we will have renewal.

The rose in the Death Card indicates new life, love, beauty, purification and immortality.

The rising sun is improved conditions ahead.   A New dawn, a new day!

The Death card is ruled by Scorpio.

 It is numbered 13, (my 2nd favorite number) which is really a high level 4.

The 4 frequency is practicality, organization.  Plus,it is known to resonate with the energies of the Archangels.

 The number 13, is also sacred to the Goddess’ 13 moons, of the year. Perfect with the very feminine number 8!

Although August is the 8th month, but not every August will actually resonate to an 8 frequency,

Since we are in a 9 vibrational year (of compassionately releasing without fear… aka DEATH …) and the 9 always reflects the number back to itself,  (9+8=17/8) we have an 17/8 vibrational frequency for this month of August 2016.

  17/8 is AWESOME.


 The number 17 frequency brings gifts of spirit and good fortune.

In the Bible the number 17 symbolizes “overcoming the enemy” and “complete victory.”

17 relates to The Star card in Tarot, and the Astrological sign of Aquarius. Insight, responsibility, spiritual consciousness, wisdom…

17 is agape love for all of humanity.

Notice that The Star Tarot Card almost always features an 8-pointed, Star of Venus.

That is not a coincidence.

What’s so GREAT about the EIGHT???


The number 8 is my ALL TIME FAVORITE number frequency …

The amazing Number 8 is about authority, power & success.

In The Bible, the 8 means Resurrection and Regeneration. (So Scorpio and the Tarot Death card!)


It is the number of a new beginning, or a new era.

The 8 is ALSO the number of the Goddess; the Eight pointed STAR— Venus -the highest feminine number.

8 is the feminine energy of openness, of ‘giving and receiving’.

The 8 is a figure of change, and perpetual motion. Giving/Receiving,  Karma, The Universal Laws of Cause & Effect…

8 is also the shape of the sacred Lemniscate featured in many Tarot cards such as the Strength card which is numbered 8 in the Major Arcana/ or Trumps.

The 8 is cosmically related to Saturn (karma & responsibility).

So you see how it easily relates to the Death card?

Be prepared for total change with the combined energies of the 8 frequency and the Death Tarot Card.

So …what comes, must go, and vice versa.

These energies represent the external and continuous spiral of perpetual motion which is the supreme signature of the Universe and all evolutionary cycles….

Oh did I mention that the number 8 is attributed to the Astrological sign of Scorpio?  Yeah Scorpio, that is in fact also represented by guess which card???

Yup, The DEATH Tarot Card!

Hello Spirit.  Thank you.  I pulled it back in January!

Okay, an also the the Strength Card. (So much resonance!)

The 8 is also associated with The North Node of the Moon  (our individual fate) and the Central Sun (victory, new life, success) ..THESE are precisely the major cosmic player in Lion’s gateway energy this month…

That means that our individual fates are tied to victory, new life, and success!

Gotta love that!

The 8 is also about the chakra system, so this is a great month to get them cleared and aligned. Use vibrational tuning, energy healing, or any healing modality of your preference.

The 8 energy brings success, good judgement & money.  manifesting wealth, abundance  and prosperity,

The 8 energy guarantees that we will flourish, gain mastery & wisdom,

This is “Master Energy’, with the added turbo boost of a powerful august star gateway ….

Pure awesomeness! Especially if you are working towards issues affecting all of humanity.

The Lions gateway is all about the collective and tying your destiny to success!

 Use  The new moon on the 2nd for setting intentions that bring you more personal, loving, or professional goals and better yet for collective empowerment,

This is the key month t get clear about unlocking love, success & abundance.

So to quote my own motto: “Give it out good so it comes back better! ”

Pay special attention to the culminating energies of the full moon of August 18th! By then the portal will be closed and we will be better able to perceive what areas have been affected by change.

The general energies of August 2016 will demand that we stand in our power, but we MUST use our power with integrity.

The advice from the Death Card, and the 17/8 vibration is all about being in flow with the changes of August, brought on by the choices we made  under the FOOL card of JULY -the energy that opened the portal.

You may think you didn’t choose anything, but that just means you CHOSE to leave things in the hands of others, or to the Universe.

Either way, you did choose.

You chose NOT to choose.  But it is still a choice. You will still be responsible for its energetic karmic vibration.

The Good news is that the transformations, we are, or have, or are about to experience, will lead to success and wishes being fulfilled…  through this process of “transition” … of this month’s Key the Death card (change), perfectly represented folks, and I pulled these cards back  in January.

So We may be forced to leave something behind, perhaps, a love, an old dream, a house, job, partnership, addictions, or attachments.

 Transitioning through this energetic portal,  a major life change, or event, will require Strength, and that we look to the STARS for guidance.

Fortunately, we have The Strength card, and the Star Card as awesome mentor cards and the 17/8 Vibration to support us…. it is quite a energetic cocktail mixer!

How awesome is Spirit?

However this manifests for us need strength and celestial insight to begin anew.




Have a beautiful month! 

Cosmic Blessings,

Lydia Elizabeth R.

Goddess Divine © 2016

July 2016

Welcome to July 2016  

We have a 7 Vibrational Month and the FOOL’S energy to help us navigate the energies of July 2016.




Numerology of 16/ 7: The 7 Vibration



This month is a 16/7 month. The 16/7  represents disruption.  The 7 represents completeness, it is a sacred number which combines the energy of God(3) and Man (4).


 This month’s disruptive energy may come from having to face obstacles, especially those we have attracted to ourselves.

The 16/7 energy will sweep away what is no longer needed, or good for us.

With the 16/7 energy we will come to a realization (illuminated with knowledge). We will become acutely aware of precisely what things, people, situations, or structures have to be abandoned so that our next life upgrade can commence.


This month may bring you closer to the Divine, and/or the the Spirit world, because the 7 is a gateway, or bridging number.  That means that we may experience more connection to GOD-SOURCE energy, as well as, the Angelic realm.  July 2016 has perfect energetic conditions for the expansion of psychic, or intuitive capabilities, so these will likely become much more heightened this month.

Tarot Card : The FOOL



The Fool is the most debated card in the Tarot.  It is numbered Zero/0, and represents unlimited potential.  The field of pure potentiality is accessible to us this month, and we are urged to take empowered action.

THE FOOL is a madman and a maverick.  He is completely guided by Spirit, and he follows his Higher Self to places unperceived by those around him, including his well-intentioned dog.

The FOOL reminds us that it is time to follow the road that leads to our purpose, and what we truly want for ourselves, regardless of what others want for us.  This month will show the way forward so that we may have a clearer view of the new path we now need to travel.  We may be completely unprepared, but such is the nature of this new level.  We are meant to begin the journey towards leaving behind, or dismantling outdated conventions, or rigid obstacles that have, until now, impeded our progress.


For July 2016, The Fool gives us impetus, and reminds us that we are free to make choices.  Carpe Diem! Make the most of the present time. Clearly choose what you truly want and go after it with fervor. Use the power of the NOW moment to create a new reality that is highly tuned to your highest good, and aligned to your soul’s purpose.


July 2016 Soul Coaching Videos




















Have a beautiful month! 

Cosmic Blessings,

Lydia Elizabeth R.

Goddess Divine © 2015

June 2016

Happy June 2016


As always, June begins in the Airy sign of Gemini.  June 2016 kicks-off with a Mutable Grand Cross which began in late May.  A Grand Cross is created when 4 planets form difficult squares to one another.

So…..June will probably feel intense!

With all this energy we should begin this month with our awareness squarely focused on the quality of our thoughts, our internal dialogue, and communication. Remember to love yourself from the inside out.  This month will be especially magnetic, so be cognizant of the frequencies you are emitting as these will rapidly shape, form and manifest your reality.




“How you gonna win if you ain’t right within?” ~Lauryn Hill


Fortunately for us all, Gemini’s ruler, Mental Mercury, has finally entered into direct trajectory. Mercury’s forward movement will influence our mental acuity, and help us as we go about deliberately, and intentionally creating newer, much needed, life-sustaining stories within ourselves.

By consciously keeping our internal dialogue loving, joyous, positive, and abundant in feel-good-vibes, we will ensure that we swim in optimal energetic conditions when we welcome the Summer Solstice as we finish the month of June in the watery, emotional realm of Cancer.



June 2016 Numerology



The Numerology vibration of this month features the energy of the Sacred 6 Frequency which is about Harmony & Balance.

As you know, 2016 resonates to a 9 year (2+0+1+6=9), and June is always the sixth month of the year, but this year it actually resonates to the 6 vibrational frequency.



15 / 6 : Seeks to understand all;  unites others to a cause; pulls forces towards one, has a convincing manner; loves truth, order, economy, deep inner knowing, service, responsibility, depth of emotion, love of home and family, and monotony.

Attributes of the 6 Frequency:  Balance; truth, order, service, responsibility, deep emotion, love of home & family.

The number SIX is SACRED.  In fact, we live in a Universe of sound, frequency and vibration.  There are 6 tonal frequencies with which the entire Universe was created.  Ancient Gregorian chants used these 6 sacred  tones to bring  about peace and harmony within their ancient church goers.

These powerful tones were lost for centuries, and rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo as described in the book “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse”, by Dr. Leonard Horowitz.



The tonal frequency of the 6 (LA – 852 Hz) – has the purpose of “Awakening Intuition”.  -Solfeggio Frequencies


The 6 seeks to Balance opposing forces.  It connects above and below, Heaven & Earth , it reconciles, initiates intellectual creativity; seeks union, seeks love, perfection; has the ability to use the imagination and the intellect combined; Is relatable, and takes responsibility for choices (think the LOVERS Tarot Card).

The number 6 symbolizes the principle of nurturing, caring, balance and harmony.  The 6 energy increases our need for stability and a comforting foundation.



June 2016 Tarot Card of the Month

tarot 2



“And it’s whispered that soon, if we all call the tune, then the piper will lead us to reason.” ~ Led Zepellin






judgement 11




 We also have the blessed energy of the Judgment Card which promises beneficial new beginnings in important areas of our lives.




The Judgement Card indicates that for many of us June 2016 will be a month of revelation; of healing, a month for reaping rewards for our past actions; and for reaching conclusions and summing up situations that will guide us in making an important decision.

 Judgement’s Keywords are karma, spiritual awakening, enlightenment, rebirth, revelation, regeneration, resurrection, rewards, new purpose, self-assessment, and progression.

Judgement is ruled by Pluto, also known as, the lord of the underworld & the Moon.  It is associated with Scorpio and Cancer; two sister signs of the Water element, who are also ruled by these planets.


The Judgement card is a high level Two energy which seeks otherness, and often needs to build something. How Judgement shows up in your life will depend on your past actions.    It may mean you must face Judgment of another, or seek forgiveness; it may also mean you need to make a very difficult choice that will feel judgmental to someone else, or that you are being saved in some way.   You may need to exercise clear judgment on an important matter.


The Judgement Card’s cyclical energies herald decisive changes in our lives which will alter the course of our lives, or of others completely, and utterly.  You may feel reborn in health, spiritually, or in purpose.  Judgement signals a time of rebirth, and an increased passion for an inner calling.  Judgement is always a harbinger of new beginnings, but like all beginnings, they are seeded by an ending, or a finality of some sort that you chose, or initiated.   To that end, you may experience an inner-awakening that will not allow you to return to the old way. The old you will be utterly changed.






Goddess Soul Coaching Sessions

June 2016


Remember to watch your Sun Sign, Rising Sign & Moon Sign to get a holistic understanding of this month’s energies. 

I wish you all a most beautiful and sacred month!

Love, light & cosmic blessings. ~Lydia❤ @GoddessDivine Wisdom ©2016






















May 2016

Happy May 2016!

 May always begins in the Earthy sign of Taurus and ends in Airy sign of Gemini.

The Numerology vibration of this month features the energy of the 5 frequency which is all about beneficial CHANGES.

In May we will be blessed with a Grand Earth Trine, and two major planets will go direct. Lord of Luck & Expansion -Jupiter will go direct on the 8th, and The Lord of Communication-Mercury will go direct on the 22nd.



May 2016 Numerology

As you know, 2016 resonates to a 9 year (2+0+1+6=9), and May is always the fifth month of the year, but this year it actually resonates to the 5 vibrational frequency. (9+5=14=5), so it is also a 5 vibrational month!  It is a double 5, so in essence it also resonates to an 10=1 which is all about leadership, and success!






May 2016   Key Dates

& Master Vibration Days



May 6- New Moon is an 11 Master Vibration Day.  It is the most PERFECT new moon for intending with our intuitive faculties, and still being grounded in reality.  This makes our dreams possible, and achievable.


May  9 -Venus sextiles Neptune and Auspicious Jupiter goes direct.  It is a yummy 5 frequency day. Changes may be felt, in a GOOD way!


May 10 –Venus trines JupiterIt is also a 6 frequency day.  Super  feel-good, delicious energies will keep us feeling high vibes.  Love is in the air, and all of the cosmos is on our side.


May 13 – Mercury conjuncts Venus while she trines Pluto.  It is a 9 day in a 9 year. 9 is the vibration which seeks to Release. What needs to go? Communicate it to yourself with LOVE.


May 14 -This day is  a continuation of the previous day but with the double 5/1-day vibration, so there is awesome potential for leadership, success & empowered, beneficial change.


May 21– Full Moon in Sagittarius- is an 8 day of abundance & success.   Reap the bounty and completions of all that you have manifested.

May 22– Sun opposes Mars the Task Master & Mercury finally goes Direct! This is another 9 day, in a 9 year.  This is about being comfortable with Releasing without fear.  Mercury  went retrograde on April 28, and will finally go direct on this day in the sign of Taurus. However, Mercury actually enters the Post-Shadow on June 7, so its effects will be felt into June.

May 24– Venus opposes Mars could mean Cosmic love squabbles, but this is also a magical 3 day, so breakup to makeup if necessary!

May 26– Jupiter squares Saturn- It is also a 4-day which will demand structure from you.  Be sure to meet deadlines, and honor your commitments so that you can enjoy yourself as well.

May 30 – Mercury trines Pluto, and it is another abundant, powerful & successful 8-day. End the month with deep connections to Self.  Your true purpose will align you to the kind of abundance that offers real happiness, and meaningful fulfillment.




May 2016 Tarot Card of the Month

The Moon

The Moon- is feminine, receptive, mysterious, sensual, sexual, artistic, and highly emotional.  It is attributed to the sign of Pisces, and rules its sister sign of Cancer.  The Moon’s archetypal underpinnings will support us by allowing us full use of our hidden attributes, and deep understanding.  Intuition, and imagination will activate and provide accurate insights, especially in our dreams.

Listen to your intuition. Your subconscious will be speaking to you in order to help you navigate the changes you may face this month, but try not to become attached. Stay balanced, and in alignment, or you may suffer from delusions of grandeur (falling in love with your own ideas), or delusions of despair (feeling unworthy) depending on where your energy frequency tends to be on the human emotional scale.  Staying centered will be easy with May’s luxurious Taurean energy which will feel grounding and calming.





May 2016 Astro-Tarot Videos

Remember to watch your Sun Sign, Rising Sign & Moon Sign to get a holistic understanding of this month’s energies. 

I wish you all a most beautiful and sacred month!

Love, light & cosmic blessings. ~Lydia❤ @GoddessDivine Wisdom ©2016






















Happy April 2016


Happy April 2016!


 April 2016 is sure to be a fantastic month, filled with opportunities to build something of value  on a personal and/or professional level.

This month begins in Aries, and ends in Taurus.

The Tarot Card of the Month -The Magician- and the stable 4 frequency, which is the Numerology vibration of this month, will support us by providing the focus and vision to see, build and bring our cherished wishes, projects and dreams to completion in a very successful way.

This month’s mercury retrograde phase beginning on the 28th has the purpose of making us mindful of what we value most, and what we should be building towards.

This month ends with a sacred and powerful 33-Master Vibration day!



 April 2016 Numerology



As you know, 2016 resonates to a 9 year (2+0+1+6=9), and April is always the fourth month of the year, but this year it actually resonates to the 4 vibrational frequency: (9+4=13=4), so it is also a 4 vibrational month!

It is a double 4:    44 (that’s awesome angel numbers right there!) so in essence, it also resonates to an 8 which is all about abundance, success & power.

But you have to work it, and BUILD it!!!

That means that April 2016 is a super powerful month for accomplishing our tasks, and truly BUILDING towards our dreams, because energetically, the 4 vibration seeks to build solid FOUNDATIONS.

The 4-frequency of this month focuses on practical stability, structures and organization.

It is excellent energy for business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and organizers, and it may be quite a good month for politics. J

This month will demand structure and order on many levels.  That means getting your work completed by creating systemic approaches for meeting deadlines, and sticking to schedules.  This is a great month for planning, for strategizing, and seeding a new business, or initiating new life/artistic endeavors.

The pragmatic 4’s energies can also be overly structured, and could be misconstrued as aggressive, so choose your words and actions with care, and communicate with patience.

This is a month to successfully complete large initiatives, to organize, and revamp every aspect of your life, from decluttering, to getting your finances in order.  But more importantly, this is the month to start building on something for your future.  This can be a dream, a life purpose, anything that will require that you plan, and organize.




April 2016   Key Dates

& Master Vibration Days

April 4–  Is an 8-day and a 444 day!  The 8 frequency supports us successfully and summons abundance.  It is also a 4 day in the 4th month, that falls in a 4 vibration (444)!  Watch for signals, guidance, or messages that will help you build towards a new future.


April 7th there is a New Moon in Impetuous Aries; it is also an 11-day Master Vibration day!  (April 25th is also an 11 Master vibration day.)   Illumination and insights will help drive your dreams forward towards manifestation.  Use this energy to build on your dreams.

April 9 & April 27th are 4-days & 444 Days!!!   A 4-day provides us with the positive structures, and stability to work on our projects, in a 4th month, with a 4 vibration!  Watch for signals, guidance, or messages that will help you build towards a new future.

April 12 & April 30th are a 7-day vibration, all about the Collective consciousness, & Divine connection.

*April 18th and April 22nd are 4-days, a 22 Master Vibration & 444 days! Numerologically, these will be the most POWERFUL days of April 2016!!!  The 22-Master number is the most successful of all.  It is the Master Builder.  It creates in perfect stability. The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality. This day will carry massively supportive forces for us to utilize and bring about successful outcomes.

On April 22 there is also a Full Moon in watery Scorpio. Emotional Completions are possible with this energy.  Use the energy to help you connect with the heart of every situation.  Stay above the emotional waters by keeping an elevated perspective. Grounding in to the Earth’s stabilizing energy will help you dream and even desire, from a healthier, more detached perspective.


April 28 – May 22- Mercury goes Retrograde in the earth-sign of Taurus. Mercury enters the Pre-Shadow on April 14 and is last in the Post-Shadow on June 7 so its effects could be felt into June.  The usual suspects: computer glitches, mechanical failures, mental fogginess, and the dreaded miscommunication, are all highly possible during this and all Mercury retrogrades. In addition, many people report getting sick during a retrograde, as if the body is revisiting something.  As always, Mercury retrograde phase will effectively do its job, and thus, we will collectively be reviewing issues related to our personal stability, our comfort and security.  May 28 is a 5-vibration day which means the Mercury will begin retrograding on a day that seeks to challenge and change us.  During this retrograde we will notice what needs to go, and more so, what we still feel we need to acquire in order to feel secure, safe and stable.  These will be especially aspected as it pairs with this month’s “builder” energy.  Even if you have an epiphany during the retrograde, and you may, do wait until after June 7 to make any life altering, or highly important decisions to ensure they are in fact for your greatest good, and to the benefit of all.


*April 29 is a 33 Master Vibration. This is a blessed day.  The 33 Christed-frequency is powerful, highly creative and social, but also selfless, and tolerant.  It is a day of balanced energy, that is harmonious and seeks to serve beyond the needs of the self.  It is an excellent day to practice group centered religious offerings, preform sacred rituals, participate in group prayer, or even better, use transcendental meditation.  This energy will support our connection to others, bring us in close alignment with Source energy, our Higher Selves, Twin Flame, Beloveds, & Soul Family.  This is a gateway to remarkable personal and interpersonal insights



April 2016 Tarot

tarot 2

The Magician


The Magician is numbered 1 (one) in the Major Arcana. It is also known as the Magus, the Juggler, and the Illusionist. In primitive decks the Magician was regarded as a conjurer, or trickster of sorts; yet, the modern Magician has evolved and taken on the energy of a spiritual master, or shaman.

The Magician, much like the energy of a 4-vibrational frequency we will enjoy this month, teaches and learns.  His goal is the mastery of Self which emanates from the ability to identify, and properly utilize all the tools at our disposal.  His raw materials are fire, earth, water, air, and these are used in balance.  The Magician is often pointing both up and down, signaling the adage that as above, so below.

The Magician is attributed to the planet Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, and awareness.  Much like the God Hermes, his role is also of emissary.  “Energy sent forth.”    He is a magical messenger, a transmitter of ideas and inspiration brought to manifestation.  He is the conduit that bridges the elements and brings forth divine inspiration so that it can become manifest in reality.

When the Magician shows up in a reading it is about connectivity, logic, intellect, and the skill to use them.  It is a signal for us to be open to receive messages, ideas, guidance, which are necessary for our continued progress, or which will greatly help us in some way.  How committed are you to your goals?

The Magician taps into Wisdom, and uses his Will to manifest his words and ideas.  The Magician’s success comes through the application of empowered action; which requires talent and effort.  This is not a time to slack.  The Magician always heralds an exciting time, full of inspiration.

This month we will tap into creativity that will help us see a way towards successfully achieving our goals.  There may be some trial and error phase (Mercury retrograde) as we perfect our craft and find the right tools, but if we stay in awareness we will successfully manifest our ideas into reality.


Astro-Tarot Scopes for April 2016












Virgo 1















Remember to watch your Sun Sign, Rising Sign & Moon Sign to get a holistic understanding of this month’s energies. 

I wish you all a most beautiful and sacred month! Love, light & cosmic blessings. ~Lydia❤ @GoddessDivine Wisdom ©2016

March 2016 Eclipses ~Goddess Soul Coaching

March 2016 Video



March Overview

This month begins with the Sun in Pisces, and ends with the Sun in Aries.  March 2016 promises to whirl us towards the advent of cyclic changes (The Wheel) at personal, planetary & cosmic levels.  It features two transformational Eclipses, and support from a creative, and magical 3-frequency.

“Comes in like a Lion, goes out like a Lamb.”~March Proverb.



Card for March 2016 ~ THE WHEEL


The Wheel is numbered 10 in the Major Arcana.  The 10-vibration frequency corresponds to a high-level 1 energy of leadership, courage and control, but via the 10’s cycle of endings and beginnings.  VERY appropriate to the Eclipse cycle we are entering upon this month!!!

“Fortune favors the brave.” ~Virgil, AENEID



The Wheel – Fortune, (La Rota Fortuna) is attributed to the planet Jupiter, and the element of Fire. It almost always augurs the incalculable element of LUCK, as it does not always have to be ‘good’.

Since March 2016 vibrates to the number 3, I chose to work with the Thoth deck, because its version of the Wheel has 3 figures: a Sworded Sphinx, Anubis, and Typhon, who represent the 3 forms of energy that govern the movement of phenomena in the Universe:  sulfur, mercury and salt.

The 3-figured Thoth Wheel also reminds me of the Hindu system of the 3 GUNAS: Satvas, Rajas and Tamas, which is a doctrine of continual change.

The Wheel tells of a reset to whatever is our present condition.  TIMING is the most important factor due to its CYCLIC nature. It heralds an imminent change.

The Wheel, is quite literally the concept of Fate.  Yet, we do have some measure of control, regardless of our fate, since by our own actions, (our own magic), we can certainly shape our destiny.

So, it is always important (especially this month!) to be in awareness of our personal cycles, as well as, world & cosmic cycles so that we can make changes that are in alignment with our highest good, and the highest good of all.

Visualize the Wheel and align yourself to the center spoke, as that is what stays fixed within the movement of the Wheel.  The center of the Wheel represents our alignment to Source/God/Higher Self.  It will instantly remind you that at a Soul level, all is always well.

“Follow thy fortune, careless where it lead thee,

The axle moveth not: attain thou that.” ~A.Crowley





March 2016 vibrates to a Magical, Creative & Expressive 3-frequency.  (3+9=12=3)


The 3-frequency is all about creative expression, fruitfulness, and magical happenstance.  Couple the 3 energy with 2 trans-formative eclipses, and we shall likely experience a stirring of inner & outer changes (Wheel) designed to propel us towards our true purpose, and help us lay the groundwork towards manifesting our long-held wishes.





March 2 is a 5-day (Movement & Change). Venus sextiles Uranus- Easy energy of this planetary energy makes it a fabulous day for a little goddess pampering, or to do things which will polish your personal image, enhance your outer appearance, inner-wellbeing; or, just to update your wardrobe, and personal surroundings.  Doing so, will also help to calm and dissipate the nervous energy of a 5-day.  Being extra peaceful, and patient will also go a long way. This day can also bring on a nice social vibe.  Flirtatious banter, and quick attractions are also highly favored.  So if you are single, or looking, get out there and work your mojo!



March 6 is a 9-day (Release without Fear) It is the first of three such 9-days in the month of March (3/6, 3/15, 3/24).  The Sun squares Saturn, and sextiles Pluto.  We may all experience jumpy energy, and we may notice irritability in ourselves and others due to the cosmic influences. Plus, the energy of a 9-day, within a 9 year, can bring things to a head in a very literal sense.  Abrupt endings, or regrettable conclusions could occur.  Tread with caution. Try not to make any important, or life-altering decisions on this day.



March 8 is a 11/2 Master Vibration Day. There is a New Moon in Aquarius & a Solar Eclipse in Pisces.  THIS is a Special Day!!!

First, it is a DOUBLE Numbered Day: 11 & 2!!!   (So is March 26th, when the Sun trines Mars)

11-day {Master Vibration}Day (Focused Intent & Spiritual Insight)


2-day (Balance, Cooperation & Keen Understanding).

Use these perfectly timed, Universal frequencies to help you navigate any painful realizations, and transformations that could likely emerge during this time.  Second, it is a Total Lunar Eclipse in spiritual Pisces, and a New Moon in new-agey Aquarius.  Add to this, that the Sun (in Pisces) will also be opposite Jupiter, and we have ourselves a powerful day for intending and manifesting that which truly feeds, and heals us at a deep level.

A Solar Eclipse always happens during a New Moon, so it means that the Sun conjuncts the Moon.  Like all New Moons, a Solar Eclipse signals the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle, but eclipses pack a punch.  They mean to transform your life.



new moon march eclipse




This March 8th Solar Eclipse is purposefully conjunct by the Constellation called Chiron; also known as the Wounded Healer.





Chiron’s influence will give meaning to those areas of your life that need healing.  According to Greek Mythology, Chiron was a Centaur, who is credited with bringing the science of astrology to humanity.  He is also likened to Jesus, because he used natural methods, herbs, and used his hands to heal, as well as, healing the spirits of people by facilitating their spiritual growth.   This particular eclipse relates to deep healing of the Self – be it physical, mental, spiritual, or at the soul level. Fortunately, we will also have the blessed influence of Jupiter to assist us in our healing.  Pluto’s influence will help you focus your will towards new, healthier goals.


Remember to tune into the 11-Master vibration to help you focus your intentions and bring on new spiritual insights. The 2-day frequency will also assist us to remember that everyone around us is also hurting and healing.  We are a nation, a planet in fact, filled with “walking wounded”.  The ‘walking wounded’ are people with deep unhealed hurts, issues, psychological scars and wounds that often hurt themselves and also hurt others.  They often lack a connection to Source/God.   This day’s 2-frequency supports our efforts at alignment, at maintaining balance, to work in cooperation, while also enhancing our understanding of Self through compassion for  ourSelves, and others.


March 23 is an 8-day (Power, Success & Opportunity), Full Moon in Virgo and there is a powerful Lunar Eclipse in Libra. This day’s 8-frequency is naturally results oriented. It helps us ground our energy, so that we can be laser-focused on where, how, and who can truly help us in completing important tasks, and achieving measurable results. The Sun (in Aries) is also conjunct mental, communicative Mercury and coupled with the Virgo Full Moon energy, we are able to sharpen our attention and tend to the details in our lives. The mercury/moon opposition will challenge our thinking and long-held beliefs, or even prejudices.  It is interesting to note that there will be a political debate in the U.S. on this day!



full moon march eclipse




The Lunar Eclipse falls in fair-minded Libra.   Lunar Eclipses always happen during a Full Moon.  Like all Full Moons, the Sun is opposite the Moon and serves to bring things to a culmination, or ending.  Lunar eclipses will be even more powerful during this 9-Year of releasing without fear.  In addition, this Lunar Eclipse in Libra will obviously help us focus on healing relationships, by bringing us much needed balance and fairness.

Lunar eclipses obscure the moon, thus, helping us regulate our emotional barometers to safer, healthier levels.  This Lunar Eclipse energy will also help to let go of the old, and fine-tune the new goals triggered by the New Moon/Solar Eclipse of March 8th.    Tuning into the 8-day frequency will bring us back to alignment with our goals, and help us FEEL and think FROM the new energy to be, -doing so will help us manifest from that powerful perspective of fullness, and completion.  The Lunar Eclipse energy also re-sets the 6-month count down to the next revision/eclipse cycle which will spiral back for us again in September.


More March Madness!!!

March 13th is a 7-day.  Daylight Savings begins- Spring Forward!

March 14th is an 8-day. Mercury squares Saturn.

March 15th is a 9-day, in a 9-year. Mercury sextiles Pluto and opposes Jupiter.

March 16th is a 1-day. Jupiter trines Pluto.

March 17th is another double number day!!! 11 &2!!! Master Vibrations!!! LUCK of the IRISH!!!

March 20th is 4-day. Equinoxes!!! Venus conjuncts Neptune.  The March Equinox ushers in Springtime here in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumnal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere of our Planet Gaia. March is all about Cycles!!! Resets, pruning away what no longer serves us, starting anew, creativity & growth!

March 23rd is an 8-day (see above for in-depth description) This day heralds the Risen Son/Sun. 3-days from death- to Resurrection! I love the way the numerology, astrology & Tarot are so perfectly aligned!!! <3 ❤❤

March 24th is another  9-day, in a 9-year! Mercury trines Mars.

March 25th is a 1-day.  Saturn goes retrograde!!! Also, Venus opposes Jupiter, and squares Saturn.

March 26th is another double number day!  11 & 2!!!  Master vibrations!! Plus, the Sun trines Mars, and Venus sextiles Pluto.

March 29th is a 5-day.  Mercury trines Saturn.

March 30th is a 6-day. Mercury squares Pluto.

March  31st is a 7-day.  Mercury conjuncts Uranus.

Stay aligned to Source.  The Wheel will turn, yet, you will always find stillness & peace within the center.

Have a Beautiful Month!❤❤❤

 In love, In joy, ~Lydia

©2016 Lydia R @Goddess Divine Wisdom